Right-wing conservatives won the election

Ex-Prime Minister Janez Jansha, using xenophobic and anti-migrant rhetoric, won his party in the parliamentary elections in Slovenia. Viktor Orban called him “the guarantor of the survival of the Slovenian people.” The right-wing conservative Slovenian Democratic Party (PSD) won early parliamentary elections in Slovenia on Sunday, June 3. According to exit polls, she gains 24.4 percent of the vote, which could bring her 25 out of 90 seats in parliament.

The party is led by Janez Jansha, who from 2004 to 2008 and from 2012 to 2013 was the country’s prime minister, and also served a prison term on corruption charges. Agency dpa notes that the prime minister of neighboring Hungary, Viktor Orban, is the ideological model for Yanshi, and the party’s program is full of anti-migrant and xenophobic rhetoric. Orban himself has called Yansha “the guarantor of the survival of the Slovenian people.”

The second place and 12.6 percent was taken by the center-left party “List of Marjan Sharets”. The party of the modern center of the current prime minister, Miro Cerar, was in third place with 9.8 percent of the vote.

According to analysts, the SDP, apparently, will be difficult to find partners for the formation of the ruling coalition, since its chairman Jansha is almost isolated in the political circles of Slovenia.

Searches in the port of Yuzhny: NABU named the reasons

Detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine under the procedural guidance of the SAP prosecutors on Wednesday, May 23, conduct searches and carry out other procedural actions in the Odessa region as part of the investigation of possible embezzlement by the employees of the port of Yuzhny.

About this writes LIGA.net with reference to a comment by the press service of NABU.

According to the investigation, port officials, by prior conspiracy through controlled firms, organized a number of purchases at inflated prices of goods, works and services at the expense of the state-owned enterprise.

As a result, according to NABU detectives, the Yuzhny port employees could take over the funds of the state-owned enterprise in the amount of about 100 million UAH.

The NABU detectives have been investigating the facts since September 2017.

Mustafa Nayyem discharged from the hospital after beating

MP Mustafa Nayyem was discharged from the hospital after a group of people attacked him after a conflict on the road.

The people’s deputy wrote about it at himself on Facebook.

“They discharged from the hospital, removed all tires, rods, rubber bands and other devices. The speech apparatus should be restored within a day, tomorrow I plan to go to work and vote for the Anti-Corruption Court, ”wrote Nyem.

He also added that he “has no thirst for revenge, but no one will let the case go.”

“My lawyers and I carefully monitor the progress of the investigation and will regularly inform the public about its results,” the deputy added.

He added that he is preparing for an investigative experiment, and will also file a civil lawsuit and is preparing for an open trial.

Recall that the attack on Nyyem was carried out on April 30. His jaw was broken. The people’s deputy explained that it was exclusively a road conflict and his professional activities had nothing to do with it.

Opposition prepares rally in Moscow against human rights violations

Gennady Gudkov, Lev Ponomarev and Mikhail Schneider submitted a request for a rally to the Moscow City Hall. Representatives of the Russian opposition sent a request to the Moscow City Hall to hold a rally on June 10 against human rights and law violations in the Russian capital and other regions of the country. This was announced on Tuesday, May 29, the organizers of the action.

“The application was filed on May 28 by Gennady Gudkov, Lev Ponomarev, Mikhail Schneider,” explained Elena Romanova, head of the press service of the capital’s regional security and anti-corruption department.

Estimated number of participants – up to 10 thousand people. The route of the procession is from Strastnoy Boulevard to Academician Sakharov Avenue. As expected, the action starts at 13.00 Moscow time and should be completed two hours later.

On Thursday, May 31, authorities will officially announce whether it will be allowed.

“At the moment, when the power is reset,” the question “about the human rights situation,” Ponomarev noted, must be raised. On Sunday, September 9, the mayoral election will be held in Moscow. In April, opposition leader Ilya Yashin announced their participation in them. In a statement published on social networks, he said that he considers the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, and the United Russia party to be “barbaric” to the Russian capital. “I want to change the system and deploy the city facing people,” said Yashin.

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