Michael Jackson’s heirs are suing because of the singer’s songs

The heirs of the legendary pop singer Michael Jackson are suing the ABC channel and Disney studio because of the artist’s songs.

In their opinion, the compositions, as well as the video clips of the star, were illegally used in the documentary Last Days. About this writes Fox News.

The broadcast of the tape took place on May 24, and gathered an audience of 5.6 million viewers. The heirs of the singer claim that the songs of Billie Jean, Thriller and Black or White, as well as other materials were illegally used in the picture.

“Like Disney, we live off intellectual property. But for some reason, Disney decided that you can just take the most valuable things that we have for free, ”noted the heirs of the artist, counting about 30 violations by the creators in the film.

The Last Days of Michael Jackson trailer: footage you’ve never seen (video)

The documentary traces the path of Jackson, as the king of pop music, from childhood to Gary, Indiana and 5 days before his rehearsals for concerts and untimely death. “A star needs some space, give it a chance to relax,” says Jackson. “He has a heart, he is a man. Let’s say he has a bed, a pillow. What else can I give? ”
Later, he hints at the increasing pressure he was experiencing. “People expect more and more because it will make you immortal,” he says. “You cannot go back.”

The film includes an interview with sister Janet Jackson, reflecting on the loss of her brother. Relatives and colleagues also discuss drugs that were introduced to the singer, leading to his untimely departure.

Before his death, Michael Jackson announced his last tour, but 18 days before the first performance, Jackson unexpectedly died of cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009. The coroner ruled that Michael Jackson died of “acute drug intoxication.”

The film “The Last Days of Michael Jackson” will be released on May 24.

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