The new format of the allies of Ukraine

The “Norman” and “Minsk” formats have already reached an impasse and will not bring any results in the Donbass, but a real opportunity has emerged for resolving the conflict through a peacekeeping mission.

About this in a comment to the channel “112 Ukraine” said military expert Oleg Zhdanov.

He negatively assessed the existing negotiation formats for the Donbass.

The Norman Four, it seems to me, has sunk into oblivion just like the Minsk format. This is a dead end. The contradictions are so great that they are unlikely to come together. We are having a new format for our allies – the USA, Great Britain, France and other countries. ”

Zhdanov considers the prospect of the introduction of peacekeepers in the Donbass quite real and explained why.

“As for the peacekeepers, I think today it is a more realistic prospect, because there are very serious levers of influence on (President of the Russian Federation) Vladimir Putin as the president of the Russian Federation. Especially in terms of violating the international non-proliferation treaty. As I understand it, Israel today in the Iranian archive has the evidence base that Russia supplied nuclear technology and components from which it is possible to produce nuclear weapons to Iran. Therefore, the prospect of the appearance of peacekeepers in our land has become more real. I think that we have a rather bright prospect for the near future. “

The President of Germany will discuss intra-Ukrainian problems in Kiev

During the meeting, Steinmeier and his Ukrainian counterpart will focus on reforms in the country, the rule of law and the fight against corruption. The problems of foreign policy will not stand aside. The President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Frank-Walter Steinmeier) on Tuesday, May 29, begins a two-day visit to Ukraine. This is his first visit to Kiev as head of state. Earlier, as German Foreign Minister, Steinmeier repeatedly visited the country during the events on the Maidan and after the outbreak of the crisis in eastern Ukraine.

Steinmeier will meet in Kiev with his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. As sources in the Office of the Federal President told dpa agency, the talks will focus more on issues on the domestic political agenda. Steinmeier intends to discuss the implementation of reforms in the country, the rule of law and anti-corruption. Of course, the parties will also touch upon issues of the possible deployment of “blue helmets” in the Donbass, as well as the project of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which causes serious discontent of Kiev.

In addition, Steinmeier will meet in Kiev and Lviv with schoolchildren and students studying German. These events will be held as part of the German-Ukrainian Year of Languages. According to the dpa agency, today in Ukraine, about 700 thousand people learn German.

Will Putin agree to a large-scale military invasion of Ukraine: fresh forecast appeared

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not ready to carry out a large-scale military invasion of Ukraine, since he will be followed by increased sanctions against the Russian Federation.

This was in an interview with the Apostrophe Russian political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky.

The political scientist noted that the conflict in the Donbass has a certain dynamics that can be tracked regardless of political decisions.

So, on the eve of the 2018 World Cup, one can observe an aggravation in the Gorlovka region, however, the Ukrainian side does not hide its activity in the region – the military is trying to take advantageous positions in the “gray zone”, which, in accordance with the Minsk agreements, should be under the control of the Armed Forces, but was occupied by pro-Russian militants.

“As for Putin, I don’t think that he is ready for a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, because this will be followed by a sharp increase in sanctions against him. Moreover, the flirting of Europe does not have much significance. Serious issues for the Russian economy and personally for the Russian kleptocracy are the attitude of the United States and American sanctions. And I can report from Washington that nothing has changed on the American front, ”Piontkovsky emphasized.

“Yes, there is Trump with his inexplicable attachment to Putin, who is trying all the time to somehow slow down the introduction of certain sanctions. But in contrast to Trump, there is a unanimous determination of the military-political establishment to firmly confront Putin, ”the political scientist concluded.

Like fines: Russia pulled troops and four missile brigades to the borders of Ukraine – NSDC

The head of the National Security and Defense Council, Alexander Turchinov, commenting on Putin’s words, said that in recent years Russia has created a powerful military infrastructure near the borders of Ukraine, concentrated there powerful military forces and four missile brigades.

Turchinov emphasized that Russia’s tactics in the Donbass have changed. The two corps that make up the 8th Russian army essentially perform functions similar to those of the penal battalions during World War II.

The Russian forces near Ukraine include Iskander missile systems, which can destroy Ukrainian aircraft throughout almost the entire territory of Ukraine, Turchynov said.

In this regard, Turchinov said that Ukraine should give priority to the creation of deterrence weapons. What kind of weapon should serve these purposes, Alexander Turchinov did not specify.

The head of the National Security and Defense Council added that while Ukraine is not part of NATO, it is doomed to protect itself, including from large-scale aggression of Russia. The Ukrainian military will act accordingly to emerging threats, regardless of the manic ideas of the revenge-seekers, ”added Turchynov.

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