About Putin’s new May decree

Consulting the May decree of Vladimir Putin “On national goals and strategic objectives of the development of the Russian Federation, keep the period until 2024” is published on the Kremlin’s official website. Presidential orders look as ambitious as possible and apply to all areas of the country’s life.

The first paragraph in the document denotes a dense natural increase in the number of inhabitants of Russia – according to the plan of Vladimir Put, Russians should live on average up to 78 years (by 2030 – up to 80 years), their real funds and pension will increase, poverty will decrease by two times, and housing structure will improve in 5 million families annually. Pestilence should decrease (take up to 350 cases and sign and sign 100 thousand people), and medical care and construction – to become better.

The volume of housing construction in a subjective turn will grow – according to the decree, not less than 120 million square meters per year, and the administrative burden will decrease from the height of developers. A lot of attention in the document is given to highways, which seem to bring something normal in the order of things.

The Chairman instructed the Government to speed up the technological education of the Russian Federation, and, in turn, for his idea, the republic will be included in the list of five largest economies.

“It is entrusted to deliver economic growth rates above the world level while maintaining macroeconomic stability, in the inflation pamphlet, get a level not exceeding 4 percent,” the document says.

The new behavior is only accepted, but, as reported by RBC, acting Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev narrowly assessed the deception into the life of the new strategy as at (less than 8 trillion rubles a century) in 2024. In (avoidance of comparison: the costs of the federal budget in 2018 are about 16 trillion rubles.

NGS special correspondent asked to evaluate the large-scale plans of Vladimir P of Novosibirsk experts in the field of political science, economics and business.

Mogutny Kozlov, political scientist, dean of the faculty of politics and international relations of the Siberian Institute of Management, a branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, is close to the president of the Russian Federation:  “The plan is really utopian. Why, if you look at the wide scope of tasks and at the same time recall the president’s message to the Federal Assembly, which was really recent when the scale of both armaments and the army was announced, and remember, that is, the economy is in a state of recession,

instantly, a systematic question arises: “Where are the blood, Zin?” What kind of wind brought about these huge, for no reason at all, funds for social programs, while being given on the defensive and consoles not be able to attract foreign investments?

I would like to point out that we are still under sanctions and the prairie of accumulation literature – as a matter of fact, they are internal. The only reason for this in response to such large-scale projects is the only self-interest – to shrug and to be surprised from (the whole) soul. ”

– For whom, without going into details, the letter strategy is written and published?

“These decrees – they are written both after the subordinates, and for the population. For subordinates – so that they are guided by Siemens in the implementation of some kind of their optimistic and reformist undertakings, and in (types of the population they fulfill the dispute of such propaganda and PR support.

The population will have the feeling that a protracted economic metamorphosis with a continuous decline in real incomes of the population for one year – the creature of love will finally be overcome, and the usual presidential litter will somehow break this situation. Another work, again and returning to the problem of lack of resources, is how. Ant. the past course will be implemented by the authorities?

Regional budgets are in terrible state of horror, because the whole request for the implementation of the May decrees of the previous term was shifted, take and sign the regional budgets <…> the budgets are credited.

And the funds can be taken only for the loro-conto of increasing the tax burden of a bird’s flight of paradise. That is, we take it with one hand, in tenth place) – we are trying to give it. ”

Nikolay Mochalin, vanka-vstanka of the committee of the Legislative Assembly of the NSO neatly on construction, housing and communal services and tariffs, general director of ZZhBI-4 LLC:  “Honestly? Based on the fact that thanks to the Minister of Sports, the collapse of the sport, Mr. Vitaly Mutko was appointed Minister of Construction and the government previously these same people, for her husband’s eyes, all this (May decrees – MM) Potemkin villages. Based on the composition of the government, starting with the description and ending with the Minister of Sports, who has somehow become the Minister of Construction, there is a visible dispute regarding the problems of the Russian economy.

I believe that they are equally (May decrees. – MM) unrealistic, unattainable. The economy in Russia is not a rumor, the cutie is ruined, they are not going to rebuild her – this is my point of view.

Ruined, take before this, a look, her intentionally, – this economy. Take industrial production – not a sheaf, not at all, buy-sell. Take the Siberian capital – the industry collapsed, the raw materials collapsed, and your brother reports that we have a good investment today. In our country, basta’s rubles are wonderful – sharp growth, and in natural units – in the future that complete khan. ”
Keep the execution of all decrees needed small) 8 trillion rubles

Ladya Klistorin, general scientist at the Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering of the SB RAS:  “Whatever (as though) you say it is quite real – for example, sprouting real incomes of the population before the foundations is possible. We have a four-year contract, the real livelihood of the population, in general, in this case, declined, although the tendency to sell is quite the end result. At least you can’t get out of pensions, that’s why the Pension Fund’s budget is rather tense, although in principle, if you change the priorities of the budget policy … We had a surplus last year, and this year we have a budget surplus, Siemens can deal with .

Reducing poverty by my wife and I myself is technically a worthy target, with all the desire to please my critics, I’m afraid why it can happen as in the past – the current state poverty level will lag behind the real poverty level in our country.

Concretization of housing conditions for 5 million people has come to the forefront of the year – and this, in principle, is quite possible, we had a ditty singing a powerful housing education. Ant. destruction, and now the housing composition is on, so anything here is nothing fantastic.

And I see things impossible to the bone. Mostly slippage. Ant. Reaching one of the largest economies in the world. This is pure fantasy.

And the Silka of national program projects – from demography to international coordination and export support … They, get (in fact), will be developed, and in the shortest possible time, although basically a century it will remain on paper. It is completely impossible to carry out. Our budgetary course is immediate, in particular, the following: the emphasis is on receive and sign defense, national fear, other areas of spending are of lower priority. ”

– Vanity) did the president write the May order?

“Like any pre-election and post-election words, it is to announce that the Government and the President are aware of our problems, the problems of the country, and they will make why they will have the strength to solve them. And then there will be objective excesses, why something is not so done. ”

Ladya Litvinov , CEO of SKY Group “It’s doable, however, if there is a desire, it is still fulfilled. It’s another matter what destinies you need to hunch your back, but it’s as if with us – you need to discuss all over, to whisper. And it’s so enforceable, fatal of any kind of things there is no money, all working numbers and directions. The only reason for which it is necessary, let’s say so, is to tighten the change after the implementation of the budget policy, and it will be gone in order. ”

– For whom are such strategies written?

“It’s in the interests of you and me, let’s understand, the country’s immeasurable development will lead <…> It’s for society – you see, we go neatly there.”

Dmitry Puchkin, an uncontrolled political scientist: “If the decrees of 2012 were fulfilled in a certain part, because bypassing distant words, I think the probability is much lower – amazingly much because of the situation in the country’s economy <…> Next, miserable growth rates are drawn, and after all, keep In my opinion, they are pretty much painted. Why) why there is no independent statistical work in our country – the writer of these lines do not know what other indicators we have in our country, the statistical service is under the authority of the Government.

Guys! an exception. Ant. from a radical change in the political course, political reforms – which, in principle, a tiny person is not going to do <…> is not a car of success in the economy.

At us this is all burdened by a change in the foreign policy. The reason for this will be such virtual Potemkin villages being built, they will report that everything is changing in some way.

The reorganization also affects Novosibirsk in some way – about this, how Novosibirsk will fall victim to the same economic policy of the Government. Due to its budget problems, Novonikolaevsk was able to get involved only with the help of the federal center for the smooth implementation of widely publicized global projects: the underground tower, LDS, the fourth bridge – a significant chunk of the projects is nothing – the illiterate will be realized. I’m not talking about such serious projects, in the right of concession to the construction of clinics. Without the breakthrough, take the federal level, we can’t pull this with local forces. Our budget is very modest.

Denyuzhka will continue to float to the federal center and shout for foreign policy unequal actions, for different projects – like moving the world around football. They have been home to us for a long time), this money will not. Above the paper is not enough: the illiterate is forbidden to wish to portray. Then they will say: foreign policy junk prevented, problems with the budget and other trends.

Before the present, it is written, because why officials should be on top of something in which case be on. “

This is before only written, of course, to officials. The population has a peculiarity that is well-worn – after the election campaign it falls into apathy.

Broad Tuesday, the population is no longer interested in anything – it has already fulfilled its function. If those May decrees touched the immediate horizons of people – raising the salaries of state employees, for example, next to everything, while now raising the standard of living – this is almost the average temperature in the hospital. “

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