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The Verkhovna Rada decided to create an Anti-Corruption Court (ACC).

The authorities did everything so that the adopted model of the Anti-Corruption Court was safe for the highest echelon of corrupt officials. The AKC turned out to be deformed and ugly.

It is clear that under the current government, the AKC will not work for Ukraine. But the Anti-Corruption Court already exists, and it will certainly become the “fifth element” of the future effective chain of struggle against elite corruption in Ukraine.

After the change of power in Ukraine in March 2019, all current sluggish anti-corruption bodies are NABU. SAP, DBR, NAZK, freed from political and corruption pressure, suddenly remember their mission and begin to act.

And then it turns out that the first contingent of convicted elite corrupt officials, surrounded by the last two former presidents, has nowhere to plant.

Ukrainian prisons, saturated with the same corruption, are simply not ready for the reception of VIP-convicted corrupt officials, accustomed to a luxurious life in power and freedom.

At one time, Italy faced this problem when it carried out the many years of large-scale anti-corruption operation “Clean Hands”.

Therefore, now Ukraine needs to think about the last, final element of the future anti-corruption mechanism for cleaning up the Ukrainian authorities and society – new prisons or renting places of detention in prisons in the EU and the USA, for example, Guantanamo Bay. Without a special prison, for convicted elite corrupt officials, the rest of the chain will lose its effectiveness.

Теперь очередь за вип-тюрьмами

For 80 days of a hunger strike, Balukh lost 30 kilograms of weight

Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Balukh, who is on a hunger strike in the Crimean pre-trial detention center on day 80, lost 30 kg of weight. This was announced on June 6 at a press conference in Kiev by lawyer Olga Dinze.

“Balukh went on a hunger strike at the end of March 2018. He has been starving for almost 2.5 months now. The only thing is that he has a somewhat lighter regimen, after the first month of his hunger strike, he switched to crackers and jelly, as he lost 30 kg. We started to lose him, and thanks a lot to Archbishop Clement, he persuaded him to start eating at least some food, ”said Dinze.

The course of the day. Thank you instead. The total sale of treasuries will be continued

Europe may start gas supplies to Ukraine, but this requires permission from Gazprom. In particular, reverse gas deliveries from Slovakia will violate the terms of contracts with Gazprom, said Slovak gas pipeline operator Eustream. 

Slovakia will deliver gas to Ukraine in spite of Gazprom

“To reverse the flow, it is necessary to stop deliveries from east to west in one of the (four) highways, but this requires permission from Gazprom. Gazprom does not agree to this, so this option is not being considered, ”Eustream explained, reports Reuters.

The head of Gazprom, Alexey Miller, questioned the legality of reverse gas supplies to Ukraine. Gazprom can track the direction of gas flow, because Slovakia will have to install measuring equipment, which will cost 20 million euros, for supplies to Ukraine.

Nevertheless, Slovakia is considering the possibility of supplying about 10 billion cubic meters to Ukraine. m of gas per year (18% of Ukrainian consumption), notes Eustream. The company together with the Ukrainian Ukrtransgaz intends to start deliveries by winter and has already built a compressor station.

Since the beginning of the year, Ukraine has not paid for Russian gas. “Taking into account the March deliveries, the debt of Naftogaz Ukrainy is estimated at more than $ 2.2 billion,” Gazprom notes. The Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Yuriy Prodan said earlier that gas imports from Russia amounted to 1.9 billion cubic meters in March. m, in February – 1.6 billion cubic meters. m. On April 1, the cost of gas for Ukraine increased by $ 100 to $ 385.5 per 1 thousand cubic meters. m

In 2013, Ukraine received 13 billion cubic meters from Russia. m of gas at an average price of $ 400 per 1 thousand cubic meters. m

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