UK Parliament passes Brexit bill

A government bill on the terms of Britain’s exit from the EU passed through parliament, despite the resistance of some members of the ruling Conservative Party.

The House of Lords on Wednesday adopted an amendment to the bill received from the House of Commons. This means that now the bill is sent for signature to the king, after which the document becomes law.

Thus, the government managed to avoid defeat regarding its bill, as part of the deputies advanced the possibility of a parliamentary veto on a final agreement between London and Brussels on Britain’s exit from the EU.

The vote of the House of Lords marks the end of many months of discussions on the law, which formally completes Britain’s membership in the European Union.

British Prime Minister Theresa May called the adoption of the bill “an important step” in ensuring a “smooth” Brexit.

Bundestag supported preferential conditions for a loan of Greece

The proposed measures will allow Greece on August 20, when the third aid program ends, to leave behind 8 years of financial assistance and get on its feet, the head of the German Ministry of Finance noted. financial assistance. 409 of 642 deputies present at the meeting voted for the document, 226 voted against, 7 abstained, according to the Bundestag website.

The proposed measures will allow Greece on August 20, when the third aid program ends, to leave behind eight years of support for the Eurogroup countries and regain financial independence, the head of the German Ministry of Finance Olaf Scholz said at the meeting. He recalled that Greece, by 2024, must also pay a loan of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the amount of 10 billion euros and noted that Athens, having implemented many reforms, “is on the right track.”

Meanwhile, deputies of three of the six factions of the Bundestag – the Free Democratic Party (FDP), the Left Party and the Alternative for Germany (AdG) – unanimously voted against preferential conditions for Athens. The representative of the FDP (Christian Dürr) called the new agreement on Greece the fourth package of financial assistance and accused the government of not complying with the conditions previously accepted by the Bundestag – in particular, the requirement to participate in the IMF assistance program.

Greece will receive 15 billion euros

On June 22, Eurogroup finance ministers agreed on preferential terms for Greece after the end of the third financial assistance program. Measures include, in particular, the extension of credit assistance, as well as the provision of an additional period before the repayment of loans. In addition, Athens will receive 15 billion euros to create a reserve stock, as well as significant relief on loan repayments. Initially, it was assumed that Greece would start repaying loans in 2023, now this period has been postponed for another ten years.

On the same day, IMF Director Christine Lagarde announced the termination of the fund’s participation in the Athens financial assistance program. Additional measures to support countries emerging from the crisis, agreed upon by eurozone finance ministers, will improve debt stability and reduce the risk of Greek refinancing in the medium term, Lagarde said.

Almost 370 people were on a derailed train in Turkey

At least ten people were killed, 73 were injured in a railway accident in the Turkish province of Tekirdag. As a result of the derailment of a passenger train near the city of Chorlu in the Turkish province of Tekirdag, ten people were killed and 73 were injured. A representative of the Turkish Ministry of Health said this on Sunday, July 8. Eyup Gmush.

As the Ministry of Transport of the country specified, the railway accident occurred due to erosion of the soil after heavy rains.

In total, at the time of the accident, 362 passengers and six employees of the train crew were in the wagons of the vehicle following the Uzunkerpu-Istanbul route.

“Due to the fact that the terrain is impassable, special equipment was involved in the area. Most of the wounded were evacuated from the incident zone, ”said Tekirdag Governor Mehmet Ceylan.

According to local media, over 100 ambulances, six military helicopters, 24 rescuers arrived at the scene of the accident. Minister of Transport Ahmet Arslan left for the crash area. The incident was promptly notified to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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