Suspect escaped

Germany rape and murder suspect fled to Iraq

In Wiesbaden, 14-year-old Suzanne was raped and killed. A refugee suspected of a crime flew to Iraq with his whole family, at the airport they did not verify the names on the tickets and passports. In Wiesbaden, 14-year-old Suzanne disappeared, after two weeks of searching the police found her body. The girl was raped and killed. The investigation initially proceeded from the fact that the crime was committed by two men: a 35-year-old Turkish citizen and a 20-year-old refugee from Iraq, reported on Thursday, June 7.

The police detained a man from Turkey, but later the investigation reported that there were no serious suspicions against him, the man was released on the same day. The Iraqi has not yet been detained.

Iraqi murder suspect put on international wanted list

According to investigators, he lived with his mother, father and five other children in a refugee dormitory on the outskirts of Wiesbaden. A 13-year-old refugee child from the same dormitory told the police that the Iraqi admitted to him a crime.

A few days ago, the suspect, along with his entire family, fled to Iraq. The family hastily flew from Düsseldorf to Istanbul, and from there headed to Iraqi Erbil.

The names on the tickets differed from those on their stay documents in Germany, however, the family also had so-called Arabic passports with photographs issued by the Iraqi embassy. According to investigators, their photos were checked at the airport, but not their names. German police issued an international arrest warrant for an Iraqi.

German police find murder suspect 25 years later

In the fall of 1993, 16-year-old schoolgirl Nicole Denis Shalla was raped and killed in Dortmund. Police were able to find the suspect in the wake of DNA. The German police found the suspect in a particularly serious crime after 25 years. This is a high-profile case of rape and murder of a 16-year-old gymnasium student Nicole Denise Schalla, who was found dead in Dortmund in 1993 near her home.

The suspect, a resident of North Rhine – Westphalia, was found thanks to traces of DNA found on the body of the murdered, said Dortmund prosecutor Henner Kruse (Henner Kruse) at a press conference on Thursday, June 28.

Suspect is in custody

“This is a man who has been repeatedly prosecuted in the past,” said Kruse. According to the prosecutor, he has already been convicted of violence against women and has been detained since 2011. Now he faces life imprisonment.

According to police officer Uwe Block, who has been involved in this case since 2000, the investigation was hampered by the fact that traces of DNA were almost washed away by rainwater. However, the latest DNA test technique, which has only been used in North Rhine-Westphalia for only a year, has revealed the suspect.

His appearance coincides with the testimony of witnesses, which they gave 25 years ago. “Perseverance is rewarded,” said Attorney Henner Kruse.

“I knew something terrible”: the mysterious murder of a woman was stirred up by the Zhytomyr region

In the Zhytomyr region in the city of Berdichev, under mysterious circumstances, a 37-year-old woman named Valeria died.

According to the TSN storyline, she went for a walk with the dog in the daytime, and after an hour she was already dead.

The neighbors suggest that a woman could become an accidental witness to something terrible. At the same time, the police have not yet voiced the versions.

Valeria was killed about 800 meters from the house. Grass and bushes were trampled at the scene of the tragedy, therefore it is assumed that the woman was fighting the attacker. The police say that an inanimate woman was found by a passerby.

“He discovered her at 21:20. According to witnesses and eyewitnesses, the woman went outside at 20 o’clock, that is, an event happened to her during one hour. During the inspection of the body, numerous injuries were found, ”the police said.

Probably, the attacker was wielding a knife, since stab wounds were found on the body of the deceased. Finally, this should be confirmed by the examination. This was not a robbery, because the woman had the jewelry, phone and apartment keys.

The deceased left a 12-year-old daughter and husband who works in Kiev.

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