Details of the battle of the US military with PMC Wagner

The New York Times newspaper described in detail the events of the battle in Syria with the participation of the US military and PMC Wagner. U.S. soldiers tried unsuccessfully to persuade Russian mercenaries to stop the offensive.The American New York Times on Friday, May 25, published a detailed reconstruction of the battle between the US military and the Syrian army and Russian mercenaries, presumably from Wagner PMCs. The fight took place on February 7, 2018 in the Syrian Deir ez-Zor.

According to NYT, between 200 and 300 soldiers who attacked an oil refinery controlled by US special forces, including an unknown number of Russians, were killed during it. Among the Americans, who were about 40 people, there were no losses.

According to the publication, the US military suspected that there might be Russians among the armed groups operating in the area, as they intercepted radio conversations in Russian. However, the Russian military command, with which the Americans were in constant contact, assured them that it did not control the troops in the region.

For the first 15 minutes, the Americans tried to contact the Russian military to convince them to stop the offensive. After this failed, for some time they tried to stop the attack with warning shots. Only after this was air assistance requested, and a massive blow was inflicted on the advancing troops.

The outcome of the battle and most of the events that have taken place indicate that the Russian mercenaries and their Syrian allies “were not in that part of the world” in order to try to crush the number of American positions, NYT sums up.

Assad forces strike children’s hospital in Idlib province

17 civilians became victims of the next airstrike on the de-escalation zone in Idlib province in northwestern Syria.

This was reported by Anadolu.

On Sunday afternoon, Bashar al-Assad regime aircraft attacked the settlements of Binnish, Taftanaz and Erich. The villages of Ram Hamdan and Benny Is also hit.

Representatives of the Idlib Civil Defense Forces (White Helmets) confirmed the fact of a blow to the building of the children’s hospital in Taftanaz, killing five people, including three children. In all, 13 people were killed in Taftanase on June 10th. Two Syrians died in Erich, one at a time in Binnish and Ram Hamdan.

The wounded were taken to nearby hospitals. The analysis of the blockages continues.

Since 2010, 89 right-wing extremists have been found in the Bundeswehr

89 right-wing extremists, 24 Islamists and 15 left-wing extremists have been identified in the Bundeswehr over the past eight years. Moreover, after the abolition of the draft, the number of extremists fell sharply. Over the past eight years, 89 right-wing extremists and 24 Islamists have been identified in the ranks of the German army. This was announced on Saturday, May 26, by the media concern Funke Mediengruppe, citing data from the German Ministry of Defense.

Of the 89 right-wing extremists identified in the German armed forces from 2010 to 2018, 86 were dismissed. For three, the investigation is still ongoing. At the same time, it is noted that the majority (67) of right-wing extremists were identified in the German army before the abolition of the draft and its transfer to a professional basis in 2011.

15 military personnel during this period were recognized by leftist extremists, and only one during the time after the cancellation of the draft. About 300 military personnel were suspected of Islamism, in 200 cases these suspicions did not materialize, and only 24 cases were proven.

Earlier, the case was received of the dismissal of a racist soldier who allowed right-wing extremist statements from the ranks of the Bundeswehr. He tried to challenge the decision in court, but his dismissal was considered lawful. In April 2017, counterintelligence exposed senior lieutenant Franco A., who was preparing a terrorist act under the guise of a “Syrian refugee”. In addition, a supporter of the right-wing extremist “German identity movement” was expelled from the Bundeswehr reservists.

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