Putin’s last megashow

No one has ever limited and does not limit the sovereign, and while he is recognized as such, he always has the opportunity to change his mind and stop before his fateful step. Putin’s last point of no return was the recent inauguration, where he had the last opportunity to abandon the annexation, the war in Syria, the spread of nuclear technology, and return the Russian Federation to the international legal field. Alas, this did not happen, and the meeting with Trump, which for many reasons was previously impossible, now begins to carefully prepare, swinging the psychic of the gopnik, giving him incredible gifts of pyrrhic victories in the field of sports in which Russia has always been an outsider.

Big politics is the Olympus of human intelligence, and seriously hoping that the KGB threesomes and losers or the impudent Komsomol leaders, seizing the reins of power from the communist nomenclature that has survived from the mind, can create something unique that can withstand human civilization, only undeveloped and uneducated cattle . It is one thing when they rob, kill and mock their people, and it is completely another when they begin to transfer their phobias and sadistic inclinations to a more modern civilized society, which already solved a similar dilemma for the development of society a couple of centuries ago and safely invented an elixir from such ignorance and denseness.

The appearance of Trump in the role of the President of the United States is a mysterious and controversial milestone in the development of mankind. He is not a Democrat, and not a Republican, but all his actions that go beyond the boundaries of US domestic politics are uncontested and gain full consensus in the civilized world.

The meeting between Trump and Putin is not a search for mutual concessions and compromises, it is an obligatory official procedure for fixing the position of an outcast and a hard ultimatum with the requirement for the complete surrender of the entire post-Soviet space, which has become in its two-faced, deceitful and corrupt form to try to impose special relations with the international community . All attempts to obtain the right to legitimize their criminal business were initially crazy and unrealistic, and the fact that Finland was chosen for the meeting was also symbolic. The Kremlin is made to understand that territorial claims to the post-Soviet adversary will be reported not from the annexation of Crimea, but from the Soviet-Finnish war, with which the next hysteria of the Russian world began.

Natalya Gulevskaya, Opentown

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