Seehofer refugee position

About 48 percent of German respondents surveyed by the Emnid Public Opinion Institute believe that the German Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, should resign. Chancellor Angela Merkel for refugees. Confidence in this was expressed by 69 percent of respondents. Emnid publishes a poll from the Institute of Public Opinion on Sunday, July 8, in the newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

At the same time, only 19 percent said the opposite. Talking about whether Seehofer should resign, 48 percent answered positively. About 41 percent, in turn, considered that the politician could remain in office.

In relation to Merkel, the alignment turned out to be different. About 49 percent believe that her actions in this situation did not have a negative impact on the attitude of the population towards politics. Another 46 percent gave the opposite answer.

Right-wing populists have record numbers

At the same time, according to the results of the Emnid poll, the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AdG) for the first time set a record for popularity among voters, strengthening its position by three percentage points and receiving the support of 17 percent of respondents. A similar indicator (17 percent) is also found in the partner of the fraternal CDU and CSU in the ruling coalition – the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD).

The Christian Democratic and Christian Social Unions, chaired by Merkel and Seehofer, lost two percentage points each. In the election, only 30 percent of the survey participants would vote for them.

In general, representatives of a large coalition would gain 47 percent of the vote. Thus, if the vote took place next Sunday, CSU, CDU and SPD could not have secured the majority of seats in the Bundestag.

In anticipation of the elections to the Landtag

The results of Soyuz-90 ″ / “Greens”, the Free Democratic Party and the Left Party remained unchanged – 12 and nine percent, respectively.

The study was conducted from June 28 to July 4, and 1894 people took part in it.

According to observers, the stubbornness of the head of the Christian-Social Union Seehofer, with whom he insisted on his proposals in the dispute about migrants, may be connected with the upcoming Bavarian Landtag elections in October. Here, the ruling CSU party runs the risk of missing out on the part of the votes that may come to the right-wing populists from the ADG who sharply criticize Merkel’s migration policy.

Poll: More than half of Germans are unhappy with the work of the government

Disputes about migration policy in the coalition affected the image of the German government. According to the ARD survey, more than half of the respondents are dissatisfied with the work of the Merkel government. According to a sociological poll by Deutschland Trend of the German public-law media company ARD, published on Thursday, July 5, only 21 percent of Germany’s respondents approve of the work of the German federal government. This is 16 percentage points less than in the previous month. About 78 respondents indicated that they were dissatisfied or “rather dissatisfied” with the work of the current government. Journalists believe that the conflict in the ruling party over the tightening of migration policy led to this result.

The dispute over refugees also affected the rating of parties. The Christian Democratic Union (CDU), compared to last year, lost 15 percentage points. Only 36 percent of respondents were satisfied with the work of the party. The activities of the Bavarian CDU partner, the Christian Social Union, satisfied about 20 percent of the respondents. More than half of those surveyed believe that the party puts their own interests above government. According to the survey, the least – one percentage point – lost the Social Democratic Party (SPD). 38 percent of respondents were satisfied with the activities of the party.

Merkel’s rating is stable, Seehofer’s popularity has fallen

The fall affected not only government and party ratings. According to ARD, the popularity of CSU leader Horst Seehofer, who started a dispute over refugees, sharply declined – his rating fell 16 percentage points to 27 percent. Three quarters of the respondents believe that Seehofer, through his actions, weakened the position of the CDU / CSU block. The rating of German Chancellor Angela Merkel has not changed. According to Deutschland Trend, 48 percent of respondents supported her.

Residents of Germany interviewed by ARD believe that enough attention is paid to finding a solution to the migration issue in today’s political dialogue, but education, affordable housing, social policy, and problems of caring for the elderly are too little addressed.

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