The checkpoint changed the schedule

The commander of the Combined Forces gave an order to change the regime of functioning of the CPVV Golden in the Luhansk region. This was announced on Friday, July 6, on the page of the Operation of the United Forces on the social network Facebook.

So, from July 6, the entry / exit checkpoint Zolotoy will pass residents of the settlements of Zolotoye, Katerinovka, Boguslavskoye, Kamyshevatoye, Orekhovo in the case of providing an identity document and place of registration, in the summer from 04:30 to 22:00, at spring, autumn and winter – from 06:00 to 20:00.

It is noted that local residents asked to change the schedule of the checkpoint.

“This is over again”: Freimut came to work for a hater

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter Olga Freimut announced the start of an entertaining talk show, during which she visited her haters.

In her Instagram account, Freimouth posted a short video of how she went to work for a girl who insulted her with a comment on the social network.

“Lord, this freaked up Freimouth again,” wrote a girl working in a pharmacy under one of the posts on Facebook.

The frames show that the offender of the TV presenter was somewhat puzzled by Freimut’s sudden visit to her to work.

At scTV made a scandalous declaration of independence of Ukraine (video)

The scandalous Russian historian Yevgeny Spitsyn on the air of the state channel “Russia 1” said that “there has never been a thousand-year tradition of Ukrainian statehood.”

He said this during the propaganda program “60 minutes”.

According to Spitsyn, the “thousand-year tradition of statehood” mentioned in the 1991 Declaration of Independence of Ukraine is a “false matrix”, and instead there were only a few unsuccessful attempts to create the Ukrainian state.

He mentions the National Liberation War of the 17th century, the UPR of the early 20th century and the proclamation of the Ukrainian state during the Nazi occupation. It is worth noting that the historian either forgot about Kievan Rus or did not consider the Ukrainian lands to be involved in this formation.

The cheapest. Stefano Gabbana insulted the Kardashian family

The famous Italian fashion designer Stefano Gabbana sharply expressed himself at the famous Kardashian family, which became famous thanks to the reality show.

Under an Instagram post, he added an offensive comment to the family: “The cheapest people in the world.”

It is known that not so long ago, the Dolce & Gabbana fashion house was declared a boycott after Gabbano insulted Selena Gomez.

Nevertheless, despite the loss of customers, the designer did not hold back and continued to insult celebrities.

Ryanair flight attendants will go on strike in 4 countries at the end of July

Flight attendants of the Irish low-cost company Ryanair in Italy, Portugal, Spain and Belgium will go on strike in late July.

In Italy, flight attendants will hold a 24-hour strike on July 25, and company employees in Spain, Portugal and Belgium will strike 48 hours on July 25-26.

Unions said strikes could continue if the Irish airline made no concessions on certain terms of employment.

On Wednesday, unions passed on to management a list of their conditions. Among them is the requirement to pay to bank accounts in the countries where the employees live, and not in the Republic of Ireland.

Aeroflot begins to implement a program of flights to Crimea, reducing the cost of tickets and increasing the number of flights from other cities of Russia, the company said.

Aeroflot will increase the number of flights to Crimea

Aeroflot as the national air carrier of Russia is fully aware of its social responsibility to the country’s inhabitants. One of the priorities of the Aeroflot Group is creating an accessible environment for air travel, increasing the level of population mobility, ”Aeroflot notes.

Aeroflot General Director Vitaly Saveliev said on Tuesday that from April Aeroflot will increase the number of flights to Simferopol to four per week, from May to six per day, from June to eight flights per day.

The cost of the flight in economy class will be about 7.5 thousand rubles. against 13 thousand rubles in 2013 “The cost of a one-way ticket will be 4,000 rubles, including taxes and fees. More than half of the tickets for each flight will be sold at the lowest cost, ”Aeroflot explains. Over time, up to 77 flights per week will be operated in Simferopol.

According to Savelyev, we are not talking about subsidies for these transportations. The company made the decision to reduce the cost of the flight itself, because “Crimea has great potential.”

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