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British BP will help improve relations between Moscow and the West by taking advantage of its presence in the Russian market. This is with reference to the CEO of the oil company Bob Dudley, Reuters reports.

BP is the largest foreign investor in the Russian oil sector, retaining a 20% stake in Rosneft.

Over a quarter of BP’s oil production and more than a third of the company’s oil and gas reserves are in Russia.

“We will strive to continue business activity, bearing in mind that the interdependence of Russia as a supplier of energy carriers and Europe as their consumer has been an important bulwark of security and interaction between the parties for many decades. This should continue, and I believe that we play an important role as a bridge, ”said Dudley.

Earlier, against the backdrop of calls for “economic isolation” of Russia from the United States, the head of the oil giant said that the company would not give up its investment in Russia.

Opinion. Prilepin: I do not envy those countries that behave incorrectly with Russia

The Russian authorities intend to develop industrial enterprises of the Crimea, as well as the resort infrastructure of the peninsula, said President Vladimir Putin on the Direct Line with the Russians. 

Crimeans are worried that when it comes to their region, they talk primarily about tourism and recreation. But what about the enterprises of the peninsula, agriculture? Vladimir Putin spoke about how Russia will develop the Crimean industry as part of the Direct Line

“Crimea is tourism and recreation, but not only. In Crimea, a very good industrial, agricultural potential. And we will develop it, ”Putin answered the question of a resident of Crimea about the development of industrial enterprises in the region.

In Crimea, there are many viable enterprises that require updating and additional investments. The president referred such industries as shipbuilding and ship repair, as well as port infrastructure, to such enterprises. Agriculture also needs additional investments.

“There is agriculture. Unfortunately, compared with 1990, if we compare the results of Crimean agriculture in 2013, agricultural production fell by 60%, ”the president emphasized.

“Unfortunately, the material and technical base of leisure enterprises, sanatoriums, resorts fell into decay. Our experts, who visited Crimea, came to the conclusion that, according to Russian sanitary and epidemiological standards, some of them can not even be used for people. Therefore, this will also require additional investment, ”Putin explained.

The President recalled the proposal to create a free economic zone in Crimea. “The free economic zone should allow Russian capital with certain preferences to come to the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol so that development is accelerated,” the president concluded.

Russian billionaire Mintz moved with his family to London

“The situation is tense, it’s calmer to leave,” they say, surrounded by the oligarch. Meanwhile, Great Britain is going to be more careful about Russian investments. Forbes, billionaire Boris Mints, one of the 100 richest people in Russia, moved with his family to the UK. This was announced on the night of Monday, May 28, by Vedomosti, citing sources surrounded by the oligarch, as well as an unnamed federal official. Mintz moved to London with three sons. “The situation was tense, it’s calmer to leave,” one of the newspaper’s interlocutors explained.

In the nineties, Boris Mints was the head of the Russian Presidential Administration for Local Government, then for many years he was a member of the Union of Right Forces. He headed the executive committee and the financial and budget committee of the Union of Right Forces. Mints’s main asset is the O1 Group investment holding, which owns 60 percent of O1 Properties (business centers in Moscow) and 80 percent of the Future financial group (private pension funds).

For many years, Russian oligarchs have invested in the UK, because until recently, its authorities themselves encouraged them to do so, according to a report issued by the British Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament in late May. However, it may soon be more difficult for wealthy Russians to invest in the country. This will happen if the British authorities follow the recommendations contained in the Moscow Gold: Russian Corruption in the UK report and tighten their policies on Russian investments.

“The fact that people related to the Kremlin use London as a base for criminally obtained assets is clearly related to Russia’s larger strategy and has implications for our national security,” the report concluded. “Confronting this should be a top priority for UK international politics.”

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