The network was ridiculed by demonstration photos from the Crimea

Social network users were amused by photos from the occupied Crimea, which depicts women trying to rent their apartments to tourists.

The photo was published on the social network Twitter.

It is noted that the photo was taken in the resort city of Yalta. The comments suggest that judging by the facial expressions of the heroines of the photo, their services are not very popular, comparing them with the popular Internet meme Zhdun.

“Waiting for the season 2018,” the publication says.

“Witnesses Vova”, “Stones do not fly from heaven?” Let them sit and wait for confusion ”,“ Some kind of picket … not very single ”,“ Crimea dza dza ”,“ Airbnb? no, I haven’t heard, ”they write in the comments.

Russia wants to cut off Ukraine from the sea and connect Crimea with the Rostov region

The Kremlin has not abandoned plans to destroy Ukrainian statehood and break through the land corridor into occupied Crimea.

This was stated by an expert at the Institute of Euro-Atlantic cooperation Igor Koziy.

“The Russian Federation has not refused further destruction of Ukraine, Ukrainian statehood, and it will gradually realize it,” the expert is sure.

At the same time, the Russian Federation uses the practice of “hybrid war”, strengthening its presence in some regions of Ukraine.

“This is the Black Sea-Azov region, where the military presence is trying to strengthen with all the ensuing consequences. The main idea is to cut off Ukraine from the sea and connect Crimea with the Rostov region, ”said Koziy.

He did not rule out the possibility that Russia would try in various ways to break through the land corridor to the occupied peninsula, but now the Kremlin is not ready to go into an open military conflict. Therefore, Moscow will try to do this through the formation of artificial states like the “LPR”.

Leave Crimea to Russia: Trump’s readiness to compromise with Putin became known

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Russia in the G8 is possible thanks to “compromises” without returning the occupied Crimea to Ukraine.

According to him, US President Donald Trump considers this issue as inevitable. This statement was made by Pompeo after the return of the adviser to the head of the White House on national security, John Bolton, from Moscow, where negotiations were held with Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the upcoming summit.

According to the Secretary of State, the position of the United States with respect to Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 has not changed. This led to its elimination from the G8. At the same time, Trump is convinced of the improvement of relations with the Russian Federation.

“The President is deeply convinced that Russia’s participation in these important geostrategic discussions is inevitable. He is looking forward to finding those few places where we can have productive conversations that will lead to improvements for the two countries. The President hopes that we will be able to reduce the heat, the risk for America and find several places where we can get a good result for Ukraine, ”Pompeo added.

He also stressed that the Trump administration continues to support sanctions against the Russian Federation.

“Let him look at Alaska”: social networks are outraged by Trump’s statement about Crimea

The statement by US President Donald Trump that he would “see” whether to recognize the Russian occupation of Crimea, caused a wave of anger in social networks.

Our journalists selected the most revealing user reactions.

Recall, when journalists in conversation with the head of the White House touched on the topic of Russian annexation of the peninsula and asked about the possibility of its recognition by the Americans, Trump replied: “We’re going to have to see”.

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