Donbass first, then Crimea

The ex-Minister of Defense of Ukraine, the head of the Civic Position party, Anatoly Hrytsenko already has a peace plan that provides for the return of the occupied part of Donbass and Crimea annexed by Russia.

“The peace plan is ready. Including with my participation in an unofficial format. It begins with the fact that the ultimate goal of all peaceful efforts is that our country must return to the internationally recognized borders as of February 2014, including with Crimea. We can’t talk about the restoration of justice, about a long-term peace, about guarantees of security, if we confine ourselves to the demarcation line or give the Crimean peninsula. Then, excuse me, this could have been done a long time ago, not to lose tens of thousands of lives, not to receive a stream of refugees, not to suffer the suffering that the whole country now feels every day, ”he said.

According to him, at the first stage, this plan provides that we will talk about the withdrawal of the occupying Russian troops from the Donbass.

“Crimea will be the second stage. Frankly, more complicated. It will be later in time, the efforts of the international community should be more intense. But when it comes to the Donbass, here I can’t say that this is good news, but this is a factor with a plus sign: Putin does not need it. This is already clear, ”said Gritsenko.

At the same time, the politician made it clear that he was not going to abandon these territories under any conditions if elected president.

“This is our territory with you, these are our people. There are a lot of people in our party, for whom Donetsk, Lugansk, the surrounding cities and villages are their homeland. They grew up there, relatives remained there, someone left for the unoccupied territories, they lost what they earned, ”the ex-minister stated.

In addition, Gritsenko added that after decentralization, the region does not need special status.

“The special status that was imposed in Minsk will not be exact. This must be discarded. In the framework of our plan, this is not even discussed. It is possible that we will be heard in the occupied territories and that part of the people who were unhappy with the centralization of powers in Kiev, they will be pleasantly surprised. Our country has progressed quite far in this regard. Go to any regional center and compare the budget of 2014 and the current one, look at the condition of the roads. Where they do not steal, just a lift. Powers went down. What some of them wanted already exists, this status is not needed, ”he concluded.

The network showed the effects of drought in the Crimea (video)

A new video from the Russian-occupied Crimea appeared on the network, which recorded the consequences of a severe drought on the peninsula.

The corresponding video is posted on the project page “Crimea.Realities” on Facebook.

“Crimea is slowly turning into a desert. The water situation is getting worse every day. Officials say that “everything depends on the heavenly office,” and Crimeans comment on the water situation as a “disaster,” because “everything dries up and everyone suffers,” the video says in the description.

As noted, only due to spring drought, the farmers of the peninsula lost about a billion rubles in profit. But in general, the harvest of 2018 is expected to be at least half that of 2017.

“Fucking” scandal in Russia: they hit a well-known network because of “cut off” Crimea (video)

After the scandal with the post about the “opened fleece” by Galina Panina, PR manager Leroy Merlin in Russia, the Runet users took up arms against the network and found that on one of its commercials the map of the Russian Federation was shown without occupied Crimea, Sakhalin and the Kaliningrad region.

In this regard, indignant Russians expressed dissatisfaction with the policy of the company and suspected it of anti-Russian views.

At the same time, it is noted that the absence of a temporarily annexed Ukrainian peninsula on the map of the aggressor country is quite logical: the video was published in 2013. However, netizens from Russia nevertheless decided not to indulge Leroy Merlin and reproached her for the fact that for five years she had not considered it necessary to make changes to the map and allowed herself to “cut off” Kaliningrad and Sakhalin from the Russian territory without reason.

Merkel calls growth in NATO appropriations a response to Crimea annexation

The German Chancellor considers it expedient to increase the military presence of the North Atlantic Alliance in Eastern Europe. The conflict in the Donbass and Russia’s annexation of Crimea pushed NATO to increase defense spending. The Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) said this in a podcast posted on Twitter on Saturday, July 7, the official representative of the German government Steffen Seibert (Steffen Seibert). The record was published ahead of the summit of the North Atlantic Alliance on July 11-12 in Brussels.

“For all of us, the annexation of Crimea and the fighting in eastern Ukraine became an event that played a decisive role” for the subsequent “radical changes and decisions” made by the alliance, especially during the summit in Newport (South Wales) in September 2014, Merkel noted.

During that meeting, NATO member states agreed to bring defense spending to 10 percent of GDP over a ten-year period. In March, Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg said that eight countries have already reached this level this year.

NATO’s growing presence in Eastern Europe

“This means that we must again concentrate more actively on the defense of the alliance and take appropriate measures, for example, through our presence in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe,” the head of the German government emphasized.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stepped up pressure on Germany, demanding that it adhere to its stated goals. “1.5 percent is not the same as two percent,” he said, referring to the figure that German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised to achieve by 2025. “I expect Germany to do even more work,” Stoltenberg added.

In mid-June, during a meeting with Stoltenberg, Merkel promised to continue to increase military spending, but noted that it would not be possible to realize the tasks set in 2014 over a ten-year period.

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