US criticizes Russia for pressure

Amendments to the law on media – “foreign agents” – a new means of Moscow in the fight against Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Voice of America and other independent media, Washington believes. Washington condemns Moscow for pressure on the media corporation Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty ”(RFE / RL) and the Voice of America radio station. The Russian government continues to stifle media freedom and independence, according to a statement by US State Department spokesman Heather Noyert on Friday, July 6. The State Department condemns the “selective targeting” of the media law on “foreign agents” on the RFE / RL and Voice of America.

Amendments to the law on media “foreign agents”, allowing individuals with the status of distributing such media to be granted this status, have become Moscow’s new tool in the fight against independent journalists and bloggers, they say in Washington. The United States calls on the Kremlin to honor its commitments made under the Helsinki Accords and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – in particular, not to impede the realization of the right to freedom of speech and other fundamental freedoms.

Earlier, the world court of the Tver district of the city of Moscow sentenced RFE / RL to a fine of 100 thousand rubles for failure to provide financial information “arising from the responsibilities of an NGO acting as an“ foreign agent ”.

The State Duma passed the first reading in mid-January on the bill on additional regulation of the activities of “foreign agents” media, obliging such media to create a legal entity in the Russian Federation and label their products accordingly. On July 3, the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications approved the amendments, according to which individuals who distribute materials from the “foreign agent” media and receive funding from abroad can also be recognized as “foreign agents”.

Shipyard, free port and agribusiness … Primorsky Krai: the radiance is brighter

The American corporate sector is extremely pessimistic about its prospects in the first quarter.

Companies are rapidly cutting their revenue forecasts for Q1 2014

It is likely that weak forecasts of the dynamics of company income for the reporting period are associated with a deterioration in the global economy. However, experts also suggest that the top management of American companies deliberately underestimates the income estimates of companies in order to thus control investor sentiment and thus contribute to their positive reaction after the publication of reports.

According to John Butters, FactSet senior analyst, 93 companies out of 111 included in the S & P500 index calculation database that posted their forecasts for the first quarter expect worse results than Wall Street experts.

A similar situation, when the vast majority of companies are extremely pessimistic about their income, is recorded for the second time in the history of observations, FactSet began to monitor this dynamics since 2006.

And for the first time a similar situation was recorded in the IV quarter of last year.

Portuguese Parliament approves legalization of medical marijuana

The Portuguese Parliament voted to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

The text of the bill was prepared by the deputies of the left bloc and supported by all parliamentary groups with the exception of the right CDS, which abstained.

The document provides for the “legalization of” medical products, drugs and substances based on cannabis plants for medical purposes. ” In this case, we are talking specifically about drugs based on marijuana, and not the plants themselves, which are supposed to be used for medical purposes.

Photo: Getty Images

In addition, the document does not allow individuals to grow marijuana, albeit for medical purposes.

Thus, Portugal will join a number of European countries where the medical use of marijuana is permitted. It is, in particular, the Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Germany.

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