Crimean Turbine Court

The Moscow Arbitration Court dismissed the Siemens Gas Turbine Technology appeal in the Crimean Turbine case. The Moscow District Arbitration Court on Thursday, June 21, dismissed the cassation appeal of Siemens Gas Turbine Technology (STGT), a joint an enterprise of the German concern Siemens and the Russian company Power Machines. STGT appealed the decision of lower courts that denied the lawsuit against the companies Tekhnopromexport LLC and Tekhnopromexport OJSC in the case of the Crimean Turbines.

The company, 65 percent owned by the German electrical engineering giant, is demanding the return of turbines produced for the Taman power station, but delivered to Crimea annexed by Russia. The German concern is involved as a third party and does not act as an independent plaintiff.

The scandal surrounding the supply of German gas turbine units to Crimea, contrary to EU sanctions, broke out last summer. Siemens accuses both Technopromexports of non-compliance with the terms of the contract. In response to the movement of turbines, the EU imposed additional sanctions against three Russian companies and three individuals.

Crimea tightly tied: Ukrainian general made an interesting statement

The construction of the Crimean bridge is not enough to realize all the strategic goals of Russia regarding Crimea. The reason for this is the special geographical position of the peninsula.

This was stated by retired colonel general, former chief of the Armed Forces General Staff, former first deputy defense minister of Ukraine Anatoly Lopata.

“In general, I want to say: when the Soviet leadership is called stupid, this is not entirely true. The decision to give Crimea to Ukraine was connected, first of all, with the fact that Crimea is connected with Ukraine geographically, and not only historically. It must be understood that the geography of this region is tied to Ukraine tightly. And this must be taken into account, ”he explained.

At the same time, Shovel noted that the separation will lead only to losses.

“The same channels, the same Crimean bridge. Nonsense. It is necessary to find a political solution, a solution to the world. Because in this division there are losses, only losses, ”he said.

Trump answered the question of recognizing Crimea as part of Russia

During a flight aboard his plane, the US president answered questions from reporters accompanying him on a trip to New Jersey. Answering a reporter’s question whether the United States could recognize Crimea as part of Russian territory, the American president replied: “We’ll see.” On Friday, June 29, Reuters reported.

Similarly, Donald Trump spoke about the possible lifting of sanctions against Russia: “We will see what Russia will do.” These statements were made during a conversation with Trump journalists on board the presidential airliner Air Force One on the way to New Jersey.

Earlier, Trump also outlined a list of topics for the upcoming Russian-American summit in Helsinki, which will be held on July 16. It will be about the alleged interference of Russia in the elections in the USA, Syria and Ukraine.

Ex-President of Ukraine proposed a way to return Crimea

The peninsula annexed by Russia must be granted the status of national-cultural autonomy, says Leonid Kravchuk. Former Ukrainian head of state Leonid Kravchuk proposed to Kiev an option to solve the problem of Crimea annexed by Russia. The first president of Ukraine told About the Observer on Friday, June 29 about what steps to take.

According to Kravchuk, the peninsula must be granted the status of national-cultural autonomy. At the same time, the politician said that the relevant amendments to the constitution of Ukraine are already being prepared.

The ex-president recalled that Crimea had previously been assigned the status of territorial autonomy, which “was not very reasonable.”

Crimean Tatars will become the subject of power

After constitutional amendments are introduced, the Crimean Tatars will become the subject of power on the peninsula, Kravchuk noted.

In addition, he added that the problem of Crimea must be solved separately from the Donbass.

Earlier, on June 18, the European Union extended for another year the sanctions imposed on Crimea and Sevastopol in connection with the annexation of the Russian peninsula and the policy of Moscow in eastern Ukraine.

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