Trump commented on the migration crisis in Europe

U.S. President Donald Trump reacted to the impending migration crisis in the European Union, pointing out that the ruling coalition of German Chancellor Angela Merkel was under attack due to a dispute with the country’s Interior Minister regarding the future migration policy of Germany.

“The people of Germany are turning against their leadership, as migration is rocking the already fragile Berlin coalition. Crime in Germany goes up. “The big mistake of the whole of Europe, which allowed millions of people to change culture so much and forcibly (Europe – Ed.)!” – Trump wrote on his Twitter.

The US President, known for his consistent protectionist course in both foreign trade and migration policy issues, said he did not want the United States to face similar problems.

“We don’t want what happens to immigration in Europe to happen to us!” – stressed Trump.

Trump insists on the expulsion of illegal migrants without trial

Ten members of the House of Representatives, one senator and American celebrities went on a hunger strike, demanding Washington to abandon the “zero tolerance” policy. US President Donald Trump is convinced that illegal immigrants must be deported from the country without legal proceedings. He wrote about this on Sunday, June 24, on Twitter.

“We cannot allow all these people to flood our country. Those who enter, we must immediately – without judges and trials – return to where they came from. Our system is a parody of good immigration policy, law and order, ”the head of the American state believes.

He also suggested that the current US immigration practice is “ridiculed all over the world” and “unfair to all those who legally passed all systemic barriers and“ waited in line for many years. ”

Trump also expressed confidence that many children come to the United States “without parents”. Thus, he reacted to the debate in society over the separation of families of illegal migrants.

Celebrities on hunger strike

On Saturday, June 23, it became known that the US Customs and Border Guard returned 522 minors to their parents. The reunion of another 16 children with their families was postponed due to bad weather, it should take place within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, according to USA Today, ten members of the US House of Representatives, one senator, and a number of American celebrities, including actor Alec Baldwin and filmmaker Martin Sheen, announced a 24-day hunger strike in support of 2,400 children who were separated at the border with parents.

Protesters rallied on June 23 near a federal courthouse in McAllen, Texas. There is one of the country’s main centers for the detention of migrants trying to illegally cross the border of Mexico and the United States. As expected, hunger strike participants insisting on Washington’s refusal of a “zero tolerance” policy regarding illegal immigrants will replace each other once a day.

Trump’s initiative has been sharply criticized, including by the UN.

Jim Carrey painted a child beaten by trump (photo)

Actor Jim Carrey painted a child who is beaten by US President Donald Trump. He posted the drawing on his Twitter page.

The image in two days became viral, gaining more than 25 thousand retweets.

The picture was the reaction of the actor to the cover of Time magazine, which contains a collage of photos of Trump and the crying little Mexican.

Photo: Twitter

“I fixed the scandalous cover of Time. So much better. Do not give thanks, ”Kerry said in a comment.

Also on the cover of Time was the inscription “Welcome to America”, and in the picture of Kerry – “Here are your legal guarantees”.

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