Trump tightened sanctions against Venezuela

The entourage of President Maduro is going to sell off state assets, according to the United States. Washington prohibits U.S. citizens from participating in these operations. US President Donald Trump signed a decree on Monday to tighten sanctions on Venezuela. After the presidential election, held, according to the United States, with large-scale violations, Washington made an attempt to cut off the encirclement of President Nicolas Maduro from financing.

According to the American authorities, Maduro’s entourage intends to arrange property sales to secure financial means. American companies and citizens are prohibited from participating in the purchase of any Venezuelan assets. “This region has never experienced such a kleptocracy in its entire history,” said a spokesman for the US government.

Meanwhile, the governments of most countries in South America, as well as Mexico and Canada, recalled their ambassadors from Venezuela for consultations. In their view, the presidential election was neither fair, nor democratic, nor transparent.

Enri Falcon, the only opposition candidate in the presidential election, declined to recognize the vote. “From our point of view, these were not elections,” Falcon said on Sunday evening, May 20. The head of the Progressive Vanguard party pointed to numerous irregularities in the election process and said that incumbent president Nicolas Maduro, who won the election, bought the vote.

Venezuelan opposition demands new elections

According to Falcon, his supporters have more than 142 thousand complaints of violations during the voting. In addition, the authorities are putting pressure on witnesses to these violations. “Venezuela is experiencing the most acute crisis in its history,” the opposition official said on his Twitter microblog page and demanded that new elections be held in October. Only in this way can voters be answered, he stressed.

Venezuelan President is elected for 6 years. Maduro has been head of state since April 2013. In Venezuela, the power struggle has continued for many years between Nicolas Maduro and the opposition, accusing the president of establishing a dictatorship, the collapse of the country’s economy and corruption. The economic crisis in Venezuela sharply worsened due to falling world oil prices. According to estimates of the International Monetary Fund, in 2017, Venezuelan GDP fell by 12 percent, inflation exceeded 2600 percent.

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