Trump wants to arrange a meeting with Putin

US President Donald Trump wants to hold bilateral talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in July this year.

This was cited by sources in the Trump administration as a number of American media outlets. In particular, Bloomberg quoted Trump’s comments on June 21 stating that the White House was “evaluating the possibility of meeting next month.”

The agency also cited comments by a number of unnamed “informed sources” that the meeting between the leaders of Russia and the United States could take place in July as part of Trump’s European tour, when he will visit the NATO summit in Brussels and will make his first official visit to Britain.

The Washington Examiner, as well as a number of other media outlets, reported that John Bolton, US Presidential Adviser on National Security, would visit Moscow in late June, including to discuss holding such a summit.

Garrett Markis, spokesman for the US National Security Council, confirmed that John Bolton plans to visit Moscow during his European visit and will discuss the possibility of a meeting between Trump and Putin.

Prior to this, the possibility of a bilateral summit was discussed during telephone conversations between the leaders of Russia and the United States at the end of March 2018.

Trump’s team impedes meeting between US President and Putin

US presidential aides ignored Trump’s desire to begin preparations for a new meeting with Putin shortly after the Vietnam Summit in November 2017, The Washington Post reported. While U.S. President Donald Trump clearly expressed his intention to begin preparations for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump’s aides have ignored this is the chief’s request, the Washington Post reported on Saturday, June 16, citing an unnamed source in the White House administration.

According to the source of the publication, Trump set his subordinates the task of organizing a meeting with Putin in November 2017, after talking with him on the sidelines of the APEC summit in Vietnamese Da Nang. “After that meeting, the president said that he would like to invite Putin to the White House. We ignored it, ”a senior official shared information.

Trump’s idea of ​​holding a new meeting with Putin did not arouse the enthusiasm of his advisers in the US National Security Council. As a result, they decided to temporarily ignore the president’s wish and organize the meeting only if Trump again demands it. “They decided: let’s wait and see if he will raise this issue again,” the official said.

The meeting may take place in July

Meanwhile, the meeting between the US and Russian presidents may still take place in July, when Trump arrives in Europe at the NATO summit. This was confirmed by one of the White House officials and two diplomats familiar with Trump’s plans. The place of a possible meeting is still unknown.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin met in person twice – at the G20 summit in Germany last summer, and then at the APEC summit in Vietnamese Da Nang in November. Discussion of the possibility of a new meeting of leaders began in the spring of 2018, after a telephone call by Donald Trump to the Kremlin.

Then the American president invited his Russian colleague to meet at the White House. Information about the possibility of such a meeting was then confirmed by both the Kremlin and the White House, but negotiations on the organization of the summit dragged on.

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