UK authorities will buy Skripal’s house

The British government will buy Skripal’s property and police officer Nick Bailey, hospitalized with symptoms of poisoning, at the expense of taxpayers. The house in Salisbury, where former former agent Sergey Skripal and police officer Nick Bailey, hospitalized with symptoms of poisoning, as well as an ex-GRU employee’s car and other property will be purchased UK for 1 million pounds (1.2 million euros). On Sunday, June 24, the newspaper The Sunday Times reported, citing a source in government circles.

The authorities valued Skripal’s property at 350 thousand pounds (397 thousand euros), Bailey – at 430 thousand pounds (488 thousand euros). It is expected that taxpayer funds will be used to complete the financial transaction. At the same time, the source of the publication did not specify what would happen to the property after its transfer to federal ownership.

Meanwhile, the British Ministry of Environment, Food and Agriculture reminded that the investigation into the poisoning of the former agent has not yet been completed: “Investigations are still ongoing in Skripal’s house, no sanctions have been received to deactivate it.”

The creaks continue to undergo treatment

At this stage, Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia were discharged from the hospital, but continue to undergo treatment. Their whereabouts are kept secret.

Earlier, British police came to the conclusion that the chemical warfare agent was applied to the doorknob in the home of an ex-GRU officer about a day before the poisoning.

According to investigators, this happened after Yulia Skripal arrived at her father’s house on March 3, having arrived in the UK from Russia. It is known that from this moment until the morning of March 4, they did not leave the house. And in the middle of that day they were found unconscious on a bench in the center of Salisbury. The definition of a time frame “allowed investigators to concentrate resources on work to identify those responsible” for this crime.

British Prime Minister Teresa May said in Parliament on March 12 that Sergei and Julia Skripali were most likely poisoned with a nerve agent, codenamed Novichok (A-234), developed in Russia. On April 12, OPCW experts confirmed London’s findings on the nature of the substance used to poison Skipaley. Moscow strongly rejects all allegations.

Miss UK 2009 Contest Winner Found Dead

Miss 2009 title holder, actress and reality star Sophie Gradon was found dead.

At the time of her death, she was 32 years old. The reasons for the death are not reported.

The sad news was confirmed by celebrity boyfriend Aaron Armstrong, as well as friends and family.

“I will never forget this smile, I love you so much, you are my world forever,” Armstrong said in a comment on a joint photo with the deceased, which he posted on an Instagram page.

Uber service made concessions and will continue to work in London

Taxi service Uber has renewed its license to work in the UK capital for another 15 months.

A court in London after two days of hearings allowed the company to work in the city under a temporary license for another 15 months. However, for this, the taxi service had to agree to a number of conditions of the city government.

In particular, Uber agreed that it worked a little dishonestly before. The company also pledged to make changes to the app for drivers to prohibit them from working more than 10 hours continuously. Now there is a requirement for a six-hour break.

Also, the service should more clearly indicate information that drivers have a license to work in a taxi. Uber will also report all incidents with company drivers to law enforcement.

It is known that the problems between the company and the city authorities began in September last year. London accused Uber of not fulfilling the conditions necessary for a taxi, as well as insufficient protection of the rights of customers.

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