Putin and Trump meeting was necessary

The Helsinki summit between Russia and the United States was a “missed opportunity” due to US domestic political problems. But at the same time, a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump was necessary.

This was stated in an interview with the Financial Times by Henry Kissinger.

The 95-year-old American diplomat, who served as the US National Security Advisor (1969–1975) and the US Secretary of State (1973–1977), stated that he had “advocated holding this meeting for several years.”

“It was a meeting to be held. I have been advocating this meeting for several years. At the same time, it was buried in the internal political problems of the United States. This is definitely a missed opportunity. ”

During the interview, Kissinger also repeatedly noted that serious changes are taking place in the world and the appearance of such a controversial figure in the political arena as Donald Trump is a sign of the end of the era:

“In my opinion, Trump is one of those figures that occasionally appear in history, marking the end of an era and forcing to cast aside the previous pretense. This does not necessarily mean that Trump understands this or is considering some kind of grandiose alternative. Perhaps this is just an accident. ”

The American diplomat also stated that the interests of Russia were not taken into account in attempts to non-stop expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance and this “became a mistake” for NATO.

“NATO made a mistake when they considered that there was some kind of historical evolution that would take place throughout Eurasia, and did not understand that they would encounter something very different from the Westphalian state along this path. For Russia, this is a challenge to its identity. ”

It is worth noting that Henry Kissinger has never been a “friend” of Russia. After completing work in US government, he, despite his advanced age, continues to actively, albeit indirectly, participate in international politics, regularly meeting with various world leaders, and speaking at various forums.

In a certain sense, Kissinger, like many former Western officials, assesses the changes taking place in the world from the point of view of “pragmatic globalism”, taking into account the strengthening of the geopolitical positions of Russia and China, while speaking about the prospects for maintaining the former world order.

Nevertheless, his comments on Russia, NATO, and Donald Trump show that he sees less and less opportunity for such a scenario. The words “the end of an era and former pretense” mean a statement of the end of Pax Americana, the completion of the former world order under US control. Perhaps that’s why one of the key phrases in his interview with FT in the headline was the phrase about “a very, very difficult period”:

“I think we live in a very, very difficult period for the whole world.”

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