Vyshinsky said he could become a candidate for hostage exchange

Director of RIA Novosti Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky is sure that the withdrawal from Ukrainian citizenship can help him become a contender for the hostage exchange.

He said this during a speech in the courtroom, where an appeal was considered to change his preventive measure, reports Ukrainian Truth.

Thus, announcing his intention to renounce the citizenship of Ukraine, Vyshinsky noted that it is obvious that Security Service officers are looking for opportunities to release Ukrainians imprisoned in Russia.

“I am sorry that for the release of Ukrainians serving their sentences in the Russian Federation, it is impossible to find a single political solution, therefore, it is necessary to carry out various special operations of the SBU in order to find a victim for an exchange,” the director of RIA Novosti Ukraine said.

He added that he knew that his mother had already left the territory of Ukraine, so law enforcement officers have no trump cards against him.

“Dear SBU, if you needed a victim for an exchange, then you didn’t have to make so much effort, use such a large resource, search my elderly parents and in offices, and interrogate dozens of people with whom I was connected,” said VYSHINSKY.

He added that you could just contact him and explain everything, and not “demonstrate the level of their capabilities.”

Vyshinsky said that he thought a lot about his decision, was in a difficult moral condition, and came to the conclusion that the interrogations of his relatives and friends were needed in order to get him to become an object for exchange.

He also noted that he was sorry to take this difficult step and leave the country in which he was born and raised, and also thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel for their support and attention to his case.

In addition, Vyshinsky expressed the view that such a move would cast doubt on “all this special operation” against him.

The lawyer of the director of RIA Novosti Ukraine Andrei Domansky said that his client made the decision to withdraw from Ukrainian citizenship right in the courtroom when he saw the biased attitude of the panel of judges.

In particular, according to him, this was manifested in the fact that Vyshinsky was not allowed to be with lawyers during the trial.

He noted that in this regard, the defenders filed an application to challenge the panel of judges, but it was also rejected.

“I think this was the last one for Cyril to make an appropriate decision to withdraw from the citizenship of Ukraine and his signed application will be submitted to the presidential administration on Monday, where he will be officially registered,” said Domansky.

“He did what he was detained for – became an object of exchange. He understands this, ”the lawyer added.

According to the defender, this is an annoying decision, since in the future it can be used against Ukraine.

Domansky also added that the defense did not hope that the court would release Vyshinsky from custody, since everything was clear in advance.

According to him, a number of investigative actions are being carried out now, interrogations for which lawyers are not allowed.

In addition, he added that people from Vyshinsky’s entourage were being questioned, who were being asked “difficult questions,” and they were not allowed to see his family.

The defender noted that his client communicates exclusively with lawyers, because of which he wrote a complaint to the Commissioner for Human Rights in Ukraine, and also expressed fears for his life.

The lawyer explained that Vyshinsky believes that he can be physically eliminated, but did not specify who exactly can do this.

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