I want to live and die on the streets of Sin City

At whatever moment of life I was asked here, I always answered, “I want to live and die on the streets of Sin City, even if they smell of sewers and are full of alcoholics and losers. Better I get a knife stuck in my side one night, they’ll only do it in the blocks between Beach and Second Road. So that I would be expelled to that world, breathing in the smell of the sea, rat urine and cheap perfumes. ”

Such is decadence. Despite the fact that I like to play the “good guy”, educated, chivalrous, polite, with a reputation and bright plans for the future. To hell with all of it.

While some are successfully building careers and earning respect by the tons, working among wonderful people, I spend the evenings letting the trolley carry me around in a closed circle to the fair music. Some of us intend to go to hell – they say the company is better there. While reading the morning press today, I was surprised to find an interview with a person who shared my views. Even though I spent several evenings before in one of the bars of his network. And I fucking get my free translation here.

So, get acquainted: Brian Flowers, one of the bosses of the “mafia of the sixth jay”, who decided to connect his life with the City of Sin in his youth 23 years. Left, no tattoo

– Brian, you could choose for life any of the hundreds of the most popular cities on Earth, why Pattaya?

– I studied at the university then, and already earned some money. During the holidays, I wanted to be somewhere where they would treat me like a king! And the choice came between India and Thailand. Then a friend of mine said that he had watched the “Beach” recently with di Caprio, and would like to experience the Full Moon Party drive.
We threw things in suitcases, and, reading the guides on the way to the airport, went to our megatrip.

The starting point was Khaosan Road in Bangkok, then the train-bus-ferry – the islands of Samui and Phangan, and after three weeks of island life, I got so much advice to visit Pattaya that our meeting was inevitable. Despite the whole collection of sad stories that I heard about, I had to experience everything in my own skin. Moreover, all the time in Bangkok and on the islands I was in the company of “free” taeks, until I realized that their “love” costs me much more.

“To hell!” I decided, and plunged into the life of bars, discos, and other brothels with “adult entertainment.” After some time, I realized that Pattaya is already in my blood.

I terribly liked that Thailand is confused, somewhat inert, frozen in time and neon lights, reflecting. Nothing is done here simply, and you are constantly surrounded by rumors, superstition, mysticism and a bunch of all kinds of other nonsense. Pattaya – for real men. If you are a wimp, this city will suck all the money out of you, or kill you with one of the many temptations. I saw a lot of guys who fell and lost everything, but I thrive where the rules of the game are tough and life constantly throws up new puzzles. I also started to love Thai. I expressed my feelings for the city through the name of my forum – Pattaya Addicts.

At the moment, I have invested so much time and effort in Pattaya that I can not imagine life elsewhere. I am a true warrior of this city and an old-timer, and I sucked out all the information I could from it. Pattaya is a city of dreams, and the random days of failure are offset by many wonderful days worth living for.

“But still, at what age did you connect your life with Sin City?”

– My first Thai trip happened at 23, and it was then that I made a firm decision that I want to stay here forever. At 25, I was standing at the airport with a one-way ticket, 30,000 baht, and my barely started forum. I survived here and even created a small empire simply because I had no choice! Life in England is depressing and stressful, the mere thought of returning there scares me. I will say more – I am sobbing like a woman, if at night I have a nightmare about a landing at a London airport!

Next week will mark nine years since I landed in Thailand. The wife claims to be ten, but I’m sure nine. By the way, do you want to hear about my wife? She is my best friend, a rock behind me, and I remained everything for her even in difficult moments of life here. So that.

– Let’s talk about your bars.

– I gathered a group of investors, and managed their capital over the past four years. Now we own 11 bars, each of which has its own manager. In our clip – more than two hundred girls. Our bars on soi 6 are:

Toy Box
Nightwish bar
Pussy Club
Horny bar
Kawaii bar
Butterfly bar
Foxy bar
Offshore bar
Sexy in the city

There is also a couple at Soi Bongkot, 8. They work in a gentlemen’s club format behind closed doors – this is the  J club  and the new Club Sin.
Next year we want to open 12 more bars.

– How do your bars stand out among hundreds of others?

– Honestly – due to lack of time I do not go into all the details, especially since we have professional managers. We are well visited by readers of Pattaya Addicts and the followers of our Facebook pages. Whenever possible, we try to equip the bars with pretty girls. The workflow in the bars is debugged, and we are constantly working on a list of services, the convenience of guests and even the interior of the rooms, so that every year it becomes better. We made some mistakes, but learned from them the necessary experience, and this allowed us to become stronger and better.

“How has Thailand changed before your eyes?”

– Along with a dozen buildings, the price of a good partnership has risen. More from the global – many new condos, five shopping centers, Tesco is expanding in an attempt to supplant the familiar 7-Eleven in some places. Thais have changed their eating habits, unfortunately, partly due to the massive entry into the fast food chain market. Go-go-bars have changed a lot – before they were shabby nooks where you could look at naked women while drinking cheap beer. Now they are becoming more and more glamorous, and too expensive for an expat wallet.

– Your opinion about the shouts in the media that Thailand is now dangerous for tourists?

– Honestly – if you believe the media so much that it can stop the traveler in you, then you really better stay in the reliable four walls of your cozy living room. But if you are a fearless warrior with eggs, you will collect an excellent harvest in Pattaya, and then the reasonable question is, what are you waiting for?

– What do you recommend to those who decide to start a business in Thailand?

“I had absolutely no intention of getting rich when I arrived here.” But there are millions of opportunities, and you will never know which of them is waiting for you until you arrive and take on everything yourself. Making money here is very difficult if you are not an elite, or if you do not create some competitive advantages, as we did. In my opinion, you will have the greatest chance of success if you choose Bangkok for the start, but investors should consider all of Asia as a field of play, not limited to Thailand. And seriously explore any area in which you are going to invest.

– Well, and if there is no capital, is it possible to find a job that is enough for bread and butter?

– Now I am just writing a book about this, but the question is complex and with many nuances. Do you know the right people, do you have a reputation among locals, and a couple more dozen factors. And be prepared for the first time to do something that will bring little money and almost no satisfaction.

The way I determined for myself is to start working for a company of acquaintances or friends – most businesses here need salespeople. I get thousands of letters asking for help from guys living outside of Thailand. But I’m sorry – you must first come to Thailand so that I can see you, and you understand what awaits you.

– Remember the moments in Thailand when you were most satisfied?

– Perhaps when I bought my first car, and the first house is here. I dreamed about this since one day, as a tourist in Happy a go go, I thought, “Oh my God, you live here now!”
There are some more exciting moments that I can’t talk about)))

– What are you still fond of?

– Once or twice a day I have Muay Thai training, boxing twice a week, once a week – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and I just run around in the gym. I also train stretching with Diana in Pure Yoga Pattaya, and in the remaining time I try to have time to work and meet everyone.

– How important is to know Thai?

– You do not understand the importance of this knowledge until you have the first communication skills in Thai. And, the higher the level of language proficiency, the more you understand how many moments you missed. If you are going to stay in Thailand for a long time – believe my words, you urgently need to learn the language, and then thank me for all the benefits derived from this knowledge. This is a great investment if you want to be your own among Thais without paying for their “friendship”.

– What motivates you to achieve your goals?

– At first it was a wife and a child, as well as the fear of returning to dull England. To be honest, now it’s just an ego. I want to show the level of my inspiration, and how I realize the most crazy plans. Negative people, envious people and haters inspire me.
The older I get, the further my plans go.

– Do you participate in parties? 

“I have not been drinking for three years.” Now, before the interview, I quickly tidied myself up to be polite, but in general – I get up to Muay Thai training at 6 in the morning, and try to fall asleep at 11. Despite this, sometimes I relax in one of our bars.

– What angers you?

– Persons who steal from their investors or business partners, which is why it is very difficult for good guys to get support. I hate those who “rat”! I am a supporter of honest business when the result is achieved by talent and team efforts, rather than stealing from each other.

– If you had to start all over again, in what cases would you have acted differently?

“Not at all – everything that happened to me taught me something.” People do not know about all the mistakes you made, you get up and continue to fight, this is the secret why some are successful and others are not. One who does not give up, and again gets up, after life has laid him on the shoulder blades – each time he becomes stronger. Sometimes they ripped me off great, but these expensive lessons undoubtedly led me to what I have now.

I wanted to finish this interview with my observations after a day spent at the Foxy bar , but I would probably postpone it until the next release.

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