Japan is trying to link storage to the issue of their ownership

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that the adoption by the Japanese parliament of legislative amendments, according to which the joint economic activity with Russia in the South Kuril Islands is linked to their “original Japan”, is an attempt to intervene in negotiations between Russia and Japan on the conclusion of a peace treaty.

The Russian Foreign Ministry reminded that the South Kuril Islands are part of Russia (as successors to the RFSR – approx. Ed. ) Legally based on the results of the Second World War and “Russian sovereignty is undeniable over them”.


According to official reports, the Japanese parliament recently adopted a number of amendments to the so-called. the law “On special measures to facilitate the solution of the problem of the northern territories” of 1982

It is completely incomprehensible why Japanese legislators needed to bring to light the legal act adopted in the era of bilateral relations with Moscow, far from friendship and cooperation, right now, when relations between our countries are dynamically developing in line with the decisions of the leaders of Russia and Japan. Moreover, the adopted amendments directly contradict the agreements at the highest level on establishing joint economic activities (SHD) in the southern Kuril Islands, including in the interests of creating an atmosphere of trust and cooperation between our two states.

In the approved bill, the storage system is directly linked to the far-fetched theses about the “original Japan” of the South Kuril Islands and is de facto placed on a par with measures to “speedy return of the northern territories.” We see this as nothing more than an attempt to predetermine the outcome of the relevant negotiations, to impose unacceptable options for resolving the peace treaty problem. We would like to recall once again that the South Kuril Islands belong to the Russian Federation legally following the results of the Second World War, and Russian sovereignty over them is undeniable.

We regret to note that the step taken by the Japanese parliamentarians creates serious obstacles to further advancing negotiations on storage systems. ”

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