Women in Saudi Arabia got the right to drive a car

From June 24, residents of Saudi Arabia will be able to drive without fear of punishment. Earlier, women in the country were allowed to attend football matches and serve in the army. Women in Saudi Arabia from Sunday, June 24, can drive a car and become full participants in the road. A decree was signed in 2017 by King Salman bin Abdel Aziz Al Saud. Women are also allowed to drive trucks and motorbikes.

For women, special driving schools were opened, in early June they began to issue a driver’s license.

Saudi Arabia until recently remained the only country in the world where only men had the right to drive. The ban has actually been in effect since 1990, although it was not spelled out in local laws.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman seeks to modernize Saudi Arabia. He has already introduced the Vision 2030 strategy for reforming the country’s economy and public life. Women earlier, in particular, were allowed to attend football matches and serve in the army.

Saudi Arabia high-profile corruption scandal: WSJ finds out about new detentions

The Saudi authorities conducted new detentions as part of an anti-corruption investigation, which has been ongoing since November last year.

It is reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing officials in the kingdom government.

In November 2017, on various charges, 11 princes and 4 ministers from the current composition of the government were detained. One of the members of the ruling family was detained on charges of signing illegal arms sales deals, another prince – for carrying out fictitious transactions, and another prince – on charges of involvement in money laundering.

As the publication found out, almost eight months after the start of the investigation, one of the “senior” princes and several dozens of businessmen and former officials are still being held in custody. The publication does not indicate exactly how many people are arrested, and does not indicate their occupation or status.

In addition, security officials recently conducted a series of new arrests, the newspaper said. According to the words, some of the defendants in the investigation are subjected to ill-treatment: some of the detainees were beaten and deprived of sleep, others were detained, but were not charged, and others were not allowed to meet with their relatives.

Representatives of the Government of Saudi Arabia did not respond to the publication’s request for comment on this topic. The country’s deputy prosecutor general told the newspaper that some detainees are being charged with allegations that go beyond corruption and are related to threats to national security and terrorist activities.

A military plane flew a meter above the military (Video)

A video appeared on the web, showing the flight of a military transport aircraft S-130 Hercules literally a meter above the military.

According to The Drive, the incident occurred in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia is actively using American-made C-130 aircraft against Hussite rebels from the Ansar Alla movement.

The published footage shows how one of the employees is trying to pat the fuselage of the aircraft with the help of a headgear. At the same time, his partner shoots what is happening on video.

Video hosting users were struck by the shaving flight of the American plane. Some of the commentators noted a “very risky” landing, while others noted the pilot’s skill.

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