Dollar Store Laundry Room, Organization Tips

Almost instantly as the New Year arrives, you’re dramatically made aware that it is a real possibility of you becoming the star on the next episode of Hoarders!

Whew! Let’s take a deep breath. Let’s not let the stress of the situation get the best of us.

The biggest problem I originally had with organizing was the cost of all the containers. If you’re not careful, the cost of those $5 bins adds up and you are quickly spending over $100 just to organize your shoes!

There is hope! Repeat after me, “I can organize without breaking my bank account!”

One of my favorite options for affordable organizing supplies is by taking a quick stop into one of my favorite dollar stores!

I recently did an overhaul on our laundry room and used bins from the Dollar Tree to get it lookin’ good.

The total cost for doing a complete organization overhaul on our laundry room? Less than $10!

You do need to be careful with what products you choose when shopping at these stores. Here are some tips on what to look out for!

Dollar Store Organization Tips

  1. Measure first

Measure your space before you go shopping. No matter how cheap the supplies may be, if you buy something you can’t use, it’s a waste of money!

To avoid that mistake, measure out how wide, how deep, and how tall the space is that you are working with. Then be sure to write down those measurements so you can bring them with you to the store.

  1. Bring your measuring tape with you to the store

Because there is no guarantee that all those bins are going to have the measurements listed on them. Bring your measuring tape so you can be sure to find pieces that will fit in your space.

  1. Get a variety of sizes and shapes that fit within your space

While you are still out shopping for organizing bins, keep an open mind. If you are out at the Dollar Tree there will be an entire section specifically filled with different sized bins, which is great!

But make sure that you take a walk around the store to look for other “non-organizing” containers. Things like cereal holders, soap containers, or laundry hampers, are all examples of thinking outside the box when it comes to getting your space organized.

  1. Clear it all out!

You’ve made your purchase, brought those perfectly measured bins home, now it’s time to get dirty!

Take every single item out of the space you are trying to organize and then take advantage of this blank slate to do a quick deep cleaning. Wipe down the shelves, clear out those deep crevasses, make that place shine!

With everything laid out in an easy to see area, start de-cluttering and minimizing. Do you have duplicates of things that can be combined into one? Look for items that are stored in bulky boxes that can be transferred into a smaller container.

Then throw away all that extra trash! It will feel so good to get rid of all that unnecessary junk!

  1. Lay out your bins before you start filling them up

It’s not quite time to start filling the bins up just yet. Now that you have a good idea of what needs to go back into your new bins, start playing with the placement of those empty bins in your space.

Move them around to see where they fit best, what looks pretty, but also what arrangement is most practical when it comes time to actually using your supplies.

6.Label Everything!

YOU might remember where everything goes, but my money is on the fact that you are the only one.

Once someone other than you steps into that room to use something from your carefully organized space, it’s ruined!

I found these beyond adorable wood tags on amazon that I can’t stop labeling everything in my house with! They were only about $6 for 50 tags! Super great deal! You can buy some yourself by clicking this link.

Keeping a label on every single bin will make it easy for your entire family to know where to find things and where to put them back!

Ready to start organizing?

Do you now feel confident in your ability to de-clutter your home and give it a little organization without throwing your budget out the window?

What space are you going to tackle first? What is your biggest challenge with that project? Let’s chat in the comments!

I will talk to you Pearls soon! Bye!

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