Russian Police Disrupt Recital Featuring Ukrainian Composer

Moscow authorities stopped a piano recital including a popular Ukrainian author’s music Wednesday after receiving a confidential bomb risk caution.

Video from the Rassvet social facility shows two uniformed officers disrupting Russian pianist Alexei Lyubimov’s performance of Ukrainian author Valentin Silvestrov’s track cycle “Stufen” accompanied by verses of classic Russian poets.

Lyubimov remains to play a track by Austrian composer Franz Schubert as the police officers make gestures to the audience. As soon as Lyubimov surfaces playing, the audience’s praise drowns out the policemen’s words.

The concert was then stopped and the structure left as cops browsed the premesis for bombs for two as well as a half hours due to an anonymous bomb danger, a Rassvet staffer told The Moscow Times.

“We waited on the pets, after that the pet dogs checked the space, whatever dragged out up until 12:30 a.m.,” the employee said.

The Rassvet employee guessed that the authorities’s arrival “might be connected to the race of the author” whose jobs were carried out in the initial area of the performance.

Russians have actually been apprehended for showing Ukrainian flags and also symbols given that Moscow launched its “special military operation” on Feb. 24. Some have been apprehended while bring balloons or putting on nail polish with the yellow and also blue of the Ukrainian flag.

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