B2Broker Create New Crypto-Based Payment Platform

B2Broker is known for offering Forex brokerages an array of solutions such as liquidity, cloud storage, and turnkey providing. They have recently launched a payment gateway dedicated to cryptocurrency payments.

The system is available in ten languages and is fully automated for both withdrawals and deposits. Notably, it promises transaction times of only 20 seconds, which is impressive as certain crypto payment gateways can sometimes take days before being successfully concluded.

The brokerage solutions firm, B2Broker, has created a simple online gateway for businesses to provide their customers with cryptocurrency payment options.

It has become common practice for major Forex brokerages to allow their clients the option to use their crypto funds for traditional trading. However, the prominent Forex trading technology solutions provider, B2Broker has now created a much simpler platform, allowing businesses to seamlessly integrate this new feature, enabling their clients to conveniently make crypto transactions.

Optimum crypto payment platform

According to the company, this payment gateway was created to address the needs of business clients across several economic sectors and industries, such as ICO campaigns, crypto exchanges, online retailers, and hedge funds.

The company’s COO, Evgeniya Mykulyak, stated that this service is likely to become one of B2Broker’s most popular features. The payment gateway was created to address specific needs, and B2Broker expect it to expand their customer base thanks to its popularity. Mykulyak concluded that the payment was created to be secure, cost-efficient, fast, and convenient for customer and vendor alike.

Optimum integration

An easy integration process was of the utmost importance for B2Broker since the company is focused on turnkey, white label solutions for MT4 and MT5. The platform can be easily integrated using a single API. Support for additional cryptocurrencies can be attained in under five minutes by adding wallet addresses of the recipients.

Interested companies can choose between three ways to receive deposits. Deposits can be sent directly to their own wallets, which automatically converts any cryptocurrency or fiat currency which in turn is funneled to their bank accounts. According to B2Broker, this gateway is more secure against instances of theft, fraud, or DDoS attacks than fiat currency-based payments.

In addition, B2Broker has confirmed that they are willing to take full responsibility for all money that is in transit, and will provide a full refund to the affected party in the event of a malicious attack.

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