New “Porsche Cayenne”: the more force

The company Porsche has decided that it is not worth the risk of the “Golden eggs” – it brings the main part of the revenue to the manufacturer. That’s why he kept a successful manner almost unchanged and familiar to consumers.

To distinguish the new Cayenne (courtesy of the official dealer of “Porsche Center Novosibirsk”) at the front from the previous generation is very difficult, as well as in profile.

Although the size increased – the car was longer by 6.3 cm by 4.4 cm wider Wheelbase remained the same – 2895 mm.

The junction of the bumper and the bonnet edge now forms a more acute, shark nose of the car. Close the hood for the headlights, the junction of the front fenders and bumper was smooth, with no bending. Bumper bought diffusers with squared corners – overall “fall” became more aggressive.

Updated profile – a consequence of changes in “face” and stern. On the sidewall taking the place of other forms of optics, again differently made joints bumpers and wings. Well, even the swage line at the bottom of the door slightly upward.

Feed – the most recycled in the machine. The lights narrowed and got a jumper that goes across the whole trunk lid. In the optics structure is clearly expressed thin strips of led sections – this machine stands out among other recent decisions by the rear optics.

“Cayenne” got unified with “Panamera” salon. It is “Panamera” more than a year ago there was all this celebration of touch panels on it and tested before leaving the main car brand.

A scattering of buttons “under the tree” is gone, now, almost all functions are controlled through the multimedia display and touchpad on the center console. However, some physical buttons left: Twister volume rocker select the temperature of the climate.

On the wheel there are buttons to control multimedia and phone, washer choice driving modes, so that you can still commit to the touch, not distracting eyes from the road.

In this car touch panel on the center console is made not glossy – it is covered with matte wrap. Not so elegant, but quite practical – can not see any scratches or fingerprints.

The feature of the interior of the Cayenne – curved angular handles. They are here and on the doors and on the centre tunnel for a comfortable place to stay not only in the drive mode, but when boarding/disembarking.

Tidy with analog tachometer in the center not leaving Porsche, probably never – not to forget about sports genes. All service information is distributed on the four lateral digital structures, you can get to these places, for example, the map navigation.

Brown interior design – on the fan, more would be here came black. Comfortable chairs, tenaciously holding – is all possible electrically, including the removal of a popliteal cushion and clip side of the back.

The rise in back is spacious and high. Has its own touch panel to adjust the climate, there is also two zones. Seats and heated and ventilated.

The boot capacity has increased to 770 litres, but it is an indicator of when pushed to the maximum forward rear seats. There is a button, lowering the rear “air suspension” to facilitate the process of loading the car squats.

In this car installed a fresh 2.9-liter twin-turbo engine producing 440 BHP, tested on the Porsche Panamera. Disperse hundreds – 5.2 seconds, it’s almost hurricane dynamics for a crossover – “Cayenne” is considered one of the fastest breeds in the world (in the version “Turbo”).

For the driver there are many electronic systems that facilitate the management and enhance comfort. Adjustable damping, adjustable height suspension, steering rear wheel, the damping rolls.

You can select the movement mode S, clamp suspension and to obtain a responsive, sharp car with a clear reactions to the steering – despite the weight of 2 tons in a Cayenne would be fun to enter the turns and scaring their weight.

Irregularities of course, will be clearly transmitted to the cabin – this machine is not for a power drive. The suspension can dissolve, but then the road profile will not cease to be notable – however, the necessary balance of comfort here observed.

Noise isolation is executed at a high level, the background sound evenly around the cabin, from the back I don’t hear anything extra. The noise of the oncoming air flow breaks somewhere after 100 km/h.

“Cayenne” as “IPhone” – has not fundamentally changed, but has not lost its niche. Just switched to actual for the automaker’s platform and got improvements in different aspects of use.

Is a car in the base trim levels from 4 999 000 to 9 800 000 rubles. However, this is not the final figures, because individual configuration of these premium “Germans” is a required thing.

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