Skateboarder who tried to stop white militia teen opening fire killed in Kenosha

Friends have identified one of two people killed at a Jacob Blake protest in Wisconsin on Tuesday evening. Anthony Huber, 26, was allegedly shot dead by Kyle Rittenhouse after the teenager opened fire during another night of unrest in Kenosha.

Mr Huber’s girlfriend, Hannah Gittings, addressed protesters late on Wednesday following the killing of her partner.

“He was one of the most amazing people …” she said. “He had so much love in his heart for this city … he took down an armed gunman with nothing but his f*****g skateboard, and he took that f*****g bullet.”

Mr Humber, of Silver Lake, was allegedly gunned down by white teenage vigilante Mr Rittenhouse shortly before midnight on the third night of protests in Kenosha.

Mr Rittenhouse has since been arrested in his hometown of Anitoch, Illinois, some 15 miles away from the scene of his alleged crime. He has been charged with first-degree murder.

It has since emerged that the 17-year-old had an adoration for guns and the police; he also appears to be a Donald Trump supporter.

Posts on Mr Rittenhouse’s Facebook account, which was deactivated on Wednesday following his first court appearance, show the teenager with a long-arm rifle, framed with the “Blue Lives Matter” logo.

The Blue Lives Matter movement was created in December 2014, after the homicides of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in Brooklyn.

In other Facebook posts, Mr Rittenhouse pays homage to law enforcement officers who died on duty. He also has a years-long association with local police cadet programmes, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Video has emerged of the teenager in attendance at a Donald Trump rally in Iowa, back in January.

Footage from the event shows Mr Rittenhouse cheering for the president from the front row; he later posted a video from the rally on one of his two TikTok accounts.

When asked about Mr Rittenhouse’s attendance at the rally, senior White House aide Kellyanne Conway said: “We’re not responsible for the private conduct of people at our rallies any more than … all the crazy people who have been involved with the Obama/Biden campaigns or other things,” she said.

Mr Rittenhouse has been assigned a public defender ahead of his next court appearance. He is being held at Lake County juvenile detention facility pending a hearing on his potential extradition to Wisconsin, according to the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office.

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