Putin Warns of ‘Lightning Response’ to Intervention in Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin advised Wednesday that if any kind of other nation intervenes in Moscow’s army operation in Ukraine, Russia will certainly release a quick-fire army feedback.

Talking to legislators, Putin said that «if any individual lays out to intervene in the existing occasions from the outside and creates undesirable dangers for us that are calculated in nature, they should recognize that our action … will be lightning-fast.»

The Russian leader said that the military would certainly not be reluctant to use the most contemporary weaponry.

«We have all the tools for this, that no one else can boast of having. We won’t flaunt concerning it: we’ll use them, if needed. And I desire everybody to know that,» Putin said.

«We have already taken all the decisions on this.»

Putin has regularly touted Russia’s advancement of modern weapons, including hypersonic projectiles as well as the new Sarmat global ballistic missile that was successfully checked earlier this month.

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