A skyscraper of panels

In the middle of may in Novosibirsk has passed the first panel 25-storied building. House grew up in the neighborhood “Spring” over the Frost, and the assurance of the developer – the company “First building Fund” (PSF), was the first in Siberia-paneled skyscraper.

Of the panels today are building most of the available housing in the city, and for this technology, the skyscraper is a breakthrough. The main concerns of buyers of apartments in the company tried to prevent at the design stage: for example, the design of the house is designed for 7-point earthquake (which almost eliminated in Novosibirsk), and elevators can carry fire departments – they are fire resistant and can work even when you enable smoke ventilation.

The walls of the new prefabricated houses is actually a sandwich of concrete and insulation

Project 25-storeys for the “Spring” developed in Moscow, and built from panels of local production – they are doing at the new plant “Armaton”, which is included in the PSF. In fact, it is a sandwich of two layers of concrete with a thickness of 80 mm, 160 mm, outside and inside, and basalt insulation thickness of 160 mm.

– The use of such panels makes the house energy efficient, but also created protect the apartments from the street noise. The overall appearance of a sandwich panel with insulation according to the technical characteristics akin to all brick construction, – assure of the company.

In the new phase two building prefabricated house with a yard without cars, a new 25-storeyed building should appear only in the following queues

New technology, as suggested by the company, will make the house not only warm but also beautiful: exterior trim had planned to do it immediately in the factory, but today under construction 16-storeyed building next turn outwardly little different from any other prefabricated buildings. Even decorated with a delicate lace “ears” with the original sketches were removed, in already built houses, either – only the “horns”.

Haven’t managed to reduce the period of construction: on Dokuz Mammadov, speaking about the new technology, said that to collect a 17-storey designer of the panels will be for 2 months, and 25-story – for six months, but the initial deadline announced in the end of 2015, moved from third quarter 2017 to second quarter 2018. However, assured to the company, the terms of the construction contract and the house next queue may be delivered ahead of schedule.

Prefabricated high-rise designed with different location and glass balconies, so it looks quite non-standard

Just a 25-storey “socket” 223 apartments with an area of 42.63–76,21 sq. m. the Considerable part of apartments – different variations of “dvushek” and “onesec”. 3-there is only one room on the first floor. In the company of such skewed planning explain the lack of deficit “treshek” – a lot of them in a 16-storey panel houses in the “bricks”, where they demand is higher.

At the start of the construction of the apartments sold from 40 thousand rubles for “square”: the price is depended on the square floor and view of river and forest, at the new “Spring” or to the private sector. For delivery at home available apartments from the developer is left, and on resale, there were only three with the value of from 1.95 million for the “odnushku” 42.63 square to 2.42 million rubles, “kopeck piece” in 50 squares.

The approach to the house is not yet landscaped instead of paved travel – temporary concrete slabs instead of lawn – clay, and decorated with balls near the entrance – a sign of apology to residents for the inconvenience. Close behind the fence – another “socket”, which is also completed this year.

But the entrance for prefabricated houses economy unexpectedly luxurious: large, bright, with murals, with ample wheelchair in front of the entrance to the residential part. It could even be called “front”, because mailboxes are not here, but on the other hand, towards the emergency entrance.

The floor is divided into two sites for 4-5 apartments

In high-rise 4 elevators, and the floor is divided into 2 parts, so at one site for 4-5 apartments. About two-thirds of the apartments have already been transferred to the new owners last keys from apartments to the upper floors will be awarded at the end of may, and the house hear the hammers. For example, the sound of the renovated third floor correspondents NGS came up with the first. The owner of the apartment Vitaly said that he lives in “Spring”, but in a brick house, and “dvushku” in the panel I bought for my daughter.

Apartment owners are under smoothtalk, but to do redesign a 25-storey building can not

New home Vitaly was in General satisfied, except that the walls in the apartment that was given to them under smoothtalk, could be a little bit prepared.

Panel good, smooth ceilings, may be just a little to wipe, – he looks around the gray walls. The layout will go. But a little bit loaded openings, it’s hard to look – the higher would be, and how basement.

To make alterations 25-storey building is impossible: all the walls are load-bearing, rigid structure. In the neighboring, also the panel house it is possible there is a carrier only “box”. In the company such decision explain, in particular, need to avoid changing the weight of home pressure on the Foundation.

In frame-and-brick houses, residents say, the problems are the same as in the panel in the first place the sound between floors

Director RID Analytics Elena Yermolaev considers that buyers are unlikely to be deterred: the issues of redevelopment become relevant to accommodation of a higher class, in economy they are doing much less.

– The problem is not to do it redevelop, the problem is to legalize it, are two different things – objects, managing the company “Exhibition buildings” Gregory Jacobson. – Changes made anywhere by anyone. <…> But we have no inspections in respect of the integrity of structural elements of the object as a whole, that is, until they don’t come, people don’t pay attention to it.

Alexander noted the warmth of the new prefabricated apartments, but the walls, the girl says, could be smoother

The first prefabricated house in the Spring, on the street Zarechnaya, 23, passed last year. The inhabitant of one of his apartments Alexander on question about the features of new technologies in everyday life with a laugh, says: “As a regular Khrushchev of the Soviet, are no different.”

– Winter is very warm, even hot. In the spring, when turned off the heating, and the weather is not very warm, it’s freezing, she said. – The walls of the curves: if you take the level, somewhere in the centimeter is probably tilted. When I stopped – like anything, and when interior doors were delivered, they saw that the jambs of the door are uneven. But there is nothing you can do.

Neighbors in the area of Alexander can not hear, but the neighbors above and below can hear perfectly well, but in brick houses, the problem is the same, says the girl. Vitaly adds with a smile: morning and evening, sometimes heard as a neighbor clink heels walking past.

In the neighborhood clean, and fight here activists mostly dog walkers who do not clean up after Pets, even put around the “Spring” plate

. The residents don’t complain: changing light bulbs regularly, janitors clean the area every day in the summer for neighborhood walks car that dampens the dust on the roads. Cost of service 30.5 ruble per 1 sq. m – Alexander believes the cost is high, in a month, “kopeck piece” is 1.5 thousand rubles. While protection on the territory she had not seen, and the Concierge of their house moved to the next put.

Residents love the neighborhood for its serenity, greenery and the river – you can even catch a perch or IDE

By the neighborhood residents are satisfied: quiet, next to the river, over the river the woods with a ski slope – “almost like”. Some moving here from other parts of pervomaika, not to change the district. According to Gregory Jacobson, “Spring” and choose those who work in Akademgorodok, Koltsovo or on the left Bank near the new bridge. In particular, because housing in the campus and even in Koltsovo considerably more expensive.

The station brings together two lines, so trains to the center run frequently

However, those who work in the center, in the “Spring” too much. Some of them gets on cars, buses or shuttles for always standing Bolshevik, part – by train: the station is the Junction of Yin is a 10-15 minute walk of the neighborhood and combines two suburban branches, so that in the morning and night trains run every 10 minutes, it takes another 20.

Another kindergarten here promise to begin building in the fall, but at a new school, local children will go this year

In the neighborhood with enough shops and pharmacies, there are oral medicine, but the clinic will have to be chosen either in the vicinity of the station of the Siberian, or on the other side of the Yin, the-Kamyshenskoe plateau. Kindergarten in micro-district there are, but, says Paul, is not enough. Another kindergarten, also for 280, but more modern, the developer plans to build in the near future: it has already allocated land in a newly built panel the queue and prepare the project – by the end of June it will be developed, and in the fall to begin construction. But the new school which is being built next to the existing kindergarten will be opened later this year.

Now in school children go through the private sector, even where there is no road, the nearest, No. 144, located on the street Heroes of the Revolution

Most residents are waiting for the embankment along the Ine. She was among the ten winning projects, by gathering the most votes of the inhabitants of pervomaika, but could not win, and now the question with financing is postponed, although the municipality promised that all 10 projects by 2022.

Along the coast walk with the kids and roast sausages: each 10 steps you can stumble upon an abandoned disposable barbecues and fire pits

While improvement do here on their own: the developer paved the Parking along the river and tosses a small gravel track for walking moms with strollers, and people themselves have constructed a number of ladders leading from the courtyards to the water.

Underground Parking here a bit, mostly the cars are in the yards, but the developer promises the new phase to build on the concept of “yard without cars”, an equipping place for them outside of the home

Underground Parking is scarce here, the new building is now under the future section of the house № 21. However, it will be very modest: only a hundred cars. Most of the cars today are parked in the yards and along the waterfront, although new yards developer promises them not to start organizing something like gardens with walkways.

The spring population is already close to a small satellite town

Now the neighborhood is already home to several thousand people, “PSF” plans to build at least another 8 prefabricated houses and one brick section. Architect Alexander Lozhkin high-rise buildings of the outskirts does not approve of – even high-tech.

We all know that such a construction leads to congestion of road networks, social infrastructure and so forth, a lot of negative consequences which arise in such construction, he said.

According to him, the government is now working on a new standard of housing that will avoid the problem of new districts and more attentive to the creation of a quality living environment in them.

New technologies allow to build quickly, but diverse

However, the obvious advantages of new technologies – the speed of construction, the variability of the architecture and layout of the houses – he didn’t deny. New technologies in addition to “PSF” home build “TDSK” and GK “Khimmetall”, which also modernized its production and is now likely to be the main competitors for developers that use older standard designs.

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