The chef got into an accident in his Mercedes and lost insurance

A strange story happened to 34-year-old chef supermarket “Citizen”, located on Vysotsky street, 39/5, Vladislav, Ingenco. Novosibirets in March this year insured his Mercedes Benz GL-500 in 2012, according to the hull in “Rosgosstrakh” for the sum of 3 million 50 thousand rubles. In April Vladislav got in an accident.

As explained by Davis, on the night of 4 into 5 April, he went to a familiar girl, has not coped with management because of “bald” rubber and crashed into a tree.

At the scene arrived employees of traffic police recorded the accident, then the Mercedes drove into the Parking lot, and a few days later, the car came to explore the “Rosgosstrakh”.

The strangeness began, I noticed Vladislav Anzenko immediately: on examination of the insurer and asked them to sign a blank where was supposed to be described as a passed inspection.

“I came to say I there is some kind of fraud, that no one will write out, will not give money”, – told the correspondent NGS Anjengo and added that under the agreement, and so he did not put the money – only repair.

Mercedes Benz GL-500 Vladislav, Ingenco after the accident

All this, said the owner of a broken “Mercedes”, he and his friends paid no attention and appointed a second inspection is more thorough, which invited independent forensic expert. The second time came three employees of the security service of Rosgosstrakh, which assures Anjengo, tried to threaten him with the independent expert.

“There’s an adult uncle, 60 years, says employees “Rosgosstrakh”: “I Have 20 years of experience, and here you want?” <…> As he went in the car saw it and asked: “What is insurance?”. We Are: “Rosgosstrakh”. He said: “there is nothing to wait for, you will have a failure”,” speak the words of the independent expert, the driver of “Mercedes” and added that employees “Rosgosstrakh” began to require him to sign a waiver of payment and termination of the agreement.

“They said, “If you don’t sign the waiver, we you life spoil”. Said, “will come”,” recalled buddy Vladislav Nikolay (the name is changed. – I. K.).

The record, which made Vladislav and his friends (available at the disposal of edition. – I. K.), I hear one of the representatives of the insurer says: “I’m not a bad person… but I have a good memory. I promise you, that’s fair, personally promise you… If so you more or less human would be communicating… I have a very good life I promise in a month and a half. Personally I promise.” Also from the conversation it was clear that the security service of the insurer considers the case of the fraudulent scheme with an expensive car.

On may 10, two employees of the security service of Rosgosstrakh accompanied by an employee of the economic security Department of the holding “Siberian Giant” has met with Vladislav has his work in the Director’s office, where the head previously asked to be removed.

“We sat down and saying: “that sign the Declaration of avoidance of the contract with the insurance company”. <…> Started to say that I am a bad person, I sit on some article.

The phone took bald of “Rosgosstrakh”, so I didn’t call anyone. <…> Threatened with dismissal. Forty minutes it lasted. In the end, signed under pressure. My copy of the application at hand I was not given,” he described what is happening in the office of the Director Vladislav Anjengo.

The economic security Department of the holding “Siberian Giant” explained that their employee was present at the meeting solely as an observer.

“This young man (Ingenco. – I. K.) perhaps involved in the fraud. It is at least one. <…> Given the fact that we are all more or less communicate, and when the guys from “Rosgosstrakh” came to us <…>, we decided to help them. For this and our staff went to in his presence all conversation happened,” commented the economic security Department of the holding “Siberian Giant”.

On Friday, may 11, the day after the meeting, Ingenco written statement to the police of the Oktyabrsky district. The statement was registered, but still have not made the decision to prosecute or not.

The car on the night of 14 may there was a fire right in the Parking lot

On the night of 14 may, under the car Park “Mercedes” suddenly burned. The arrived staff of the MOE, as explained Vladislav with his friends, found the cause: arson. Set fire to the car from both sides, but seriously affected only the rear part that after the accident, remained intact.

“The history is atypical, I about such never heard. Based on what my customers are saying, in my opinion, it is necessary to initiate a case against “Rosgosstrakh”. <…> If they believe that my clients are crooks, they had to go to the police, to inspect and evaluate it,” – said the lawyer of the bar “beetles and partners” Andrey Zhukov.

In Novosibirsk “Rosgosstrakh” advised the correspondent NGS to write an article on this topic

In “Rosgosstrakh” in response to a request of the correspondent NGS to comment on the situation urged not to write an article about it. The Director of the Novosibirsk branch of OAO “Rosgosstrakh” Maxim amendment gave a lengthy review of the situation, however, after it rejected his words and issued an official short answer:

“My security service, the security service of Rosgosstrakh, actively cooperates with law enforcement agencies on the situation. That’s all I had to say on this issue”, – commented Maksim amendment.

The employee of security service of the Novosibirsk “Rosgosstrakh” Alexander Protasov, who was present at the trial with his Anjengo in the office of the Director of “Townswoman”, to communicate with the correspondent NGS on the phone flatly refused.

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