Where is the road?: get lost in the quagmire

Sovetsky district, a small village of TOS Kirovo near Berdsk highway. So go to local street Warm. Residents complain that deep puddles never die, but honey, no one does.

“My grandfather had an accident on the race from the right Bank on the Dimitrovsky bridge. He didn’t notice that there is no lattice stormwater, when noticed, started to walk away from falling into this hole, got there one wheel. Was damaged the suspension at 20 000 rubles. Called the utility company, they came after 40 minutes and while we waited in the pit flew some more cars,” says reader Dennis.

“Center city, Pennsylvania – Family Shamshinykh. Cursed place – a normal asphalt in this place was never“, – tells us the reader Ilya.

“After the cut down not removed the branches that obstructed the passage, people have to climb between the fence, including me. But narrow and uncomfortable – he fell face down on the store,” complains a resident of the Station railway.

“House 229 on the street Zorge. At the request of residents updated sidewalks, but the contractor approached the work with the convenience for yourself. Drove heavy equipment, and maneuvering through the play figures on the Playground, destroyed the coating completely,” writes a reader Love.

“On Broad, where 10 cars struck the wheel, the hole is still there” – sounding the alert reader Alexander.

Damage to the roadway in front of the house on the street Family Shamshinykh, 58.

And go in the Novosibirsk region. This is the road in Maslyaninsky district.

First put the asphalt, and then to dig up the road – the basics of domestic repair. “The intersection of Nemirovich-Danchenko and Stanislavsky. New asphalt do not have time to get dirty. The successful development of money program “Safe and quality roads””, – eyewitnesses report.

“Photos from the bus stop on Niiice. A disgrace! Last year at the same place doing repairs. How do we get on the bus? What is that city?” – outraged passengers.

Well, at SWC roads continue to fall apart. “This is a cry of despair. Two months residents SWC go for dead in rubbish roads. The hole through each square meter. The road close up of part of the pits of some unknown substance, which falls apart within a week. Another part always leave the pits, the logic of these actions can not be explained. Residents SWC don’t know what gods to pray to, who to contact?” is a plea from a reader Eugene.

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