The biggest interior design fails pictured online

Homeowners have been sharing images of their attempts at DIY décor online, and their snaps prove that the results can often be disastrous.

When it comes to decorating a room, homeowners are often tempted to get adventurous with the paint brush and try something a little different.

But as these comical snaps show, it’s all too easy to get it wrong when it comes to DIY decoration – with your dream home turning into the stuff of nightmares.

The amateur designers have gone to great lengths to make their homes stand out – but from a garish yellow kitchen to terrifying headless dolls, it might be time to call in the professionals.

Not so mellow yellow! This canary-coloured kitchen is enough to make your eyes water

This directional bathroom design appears to combine a number of themes – from Disney’s Cars to dinosaurs, flowers and even what appears to be a Christmas angel

Looks comfy! This bizarre, cowboy-themed stool appeared to have taken on a life of its own, sprouting legs and donning a pair of pointed leather boots

Now that’s modern art! One person got experimental with their wall art, sticking up what appears to be a shaggy bath mat to decorate the living room

A centrepiece with a twist? These ceramic sculptures appear to be inspired by wildlife with the faces of crying babies – and they’re enough to send dinner party guests running for the hills

How long did that take? This homeowner took the ‘feature wall’ concept to the next level by adorning their kitchen with hundreds of baby photos

At first glance they look like a set of modern – if slightly bizarre – lamps. But on closer inspection the porcelain figures are sporting a rather graphic detail

A budding ornithologist took their passion for wildlife to the next level, decorating their living room with countless figurines of swans, ducks and geese

That’s one way of saving on electrics! In the absence of a proper light fitting, this homeowner got creative and hung battery-powered torches from the ceiling using duct tape

He’s watching you! This animal rug, sporting what appears to be a Halloween mask, is enough to give your guests nightmares

Whose idea was that? One DIY decorator left the latrine facing the sink unit – leaving no space for toilet-sitters to put their legs

That can’t be safe! These asphalt steps looked like something out of a Dali painting after apparently melting out of shape in the sun

This homemade piece of wall art features a creepy porcelain doll and what appears to be locks of blond hair

Each to their own! One customer was baffled after stumbling across this wicker monkey during a visit to an interiors shop

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