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The famous footballer said that “the Torch” has beaten to “farm” from Saudi Arabia

Soviet star football Sergey Andreev explained that the first victory of Russia in the world Cup should not be overestimated.

“I think even the “Torch”, which is the principle of the sport left Football national League (FNL), would have coped with Arabia. Well, just farm!” – these words said after the first leg in Russia, the former striker of the national team Sergey Andreev, informs “SE”.

The best scorer of the Olympic games in 1980, one of the most successful strikers in the history of the national football stated that during the match I realized that the Saudis are playing the “Tambov” or “Baltika” (4 and 5 in the first division in the season 2017\2018, respectively. Approx. ed.). But in the end, he compared opponents of the Russians with “the Torch”, who all flew out from the national Football League at the end of the season (but then for various reasons it remained).

As a team, which is the main oil state in the world, Andreev and even called a “farm”.

Such estimates negate the significance of the victory of the Russian team in the first match. Apparently in the game against Egypt to show a successful result will be much more difficult.

And here is how to take this statement to fans of “Torch”? Let us think: Sergei felt that Voronezh team could take full part to play in the world Cup…

Defender of BC “Novosibirsk” was summoned to play for the national team in matches with Europeans

Кирилл Писклов сыграет в составе сборной России в Лиге Наций

Kirill Pisklov will play in the national team of Russia in the League of Nations

Defender of the basketball club “Novosibirsk” – 21-summer Kirill Pisklov – called on fees to the national team.

The announcement appeared on the official website of BC “Novosibirsk”.

“Starts in Novogorsk training camp for the national teams of Russia on basketball 3×3 (adults and juniors to 24). After the team’s training camp will take part in the League of Nations FIBA 3×3 in Prague” – said the press service of the club.

Matches of the third and fourth rounds of the League of Nations will be held in the capital of the Czech Republic on 20 and 21 July.

Earlier it became known that Novosibirsk is a professional mini-football club “the Siberian” has acquired a new player from Brazil team will strengthen the 31-year-old Roninho, which has titles of the champion of Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Dynamo has extended the contract with the captain

The captain of Dynamo Kyiv Serhiy sydorchuk has extended his contract with the club. The new agreement is 27-year-old midfielder for five years and ends at the end of season 2022/23.

Sydorchuk stands for the Dynamo in 2013, when he moved to the Kiev club of Zaporizhzhya metallurg. Last year, after Andriy Yarmolenko’s transfer to Borussia Dortmund he became the captain of the Dynamo.

Сергей Сидорчук решил остаться в Динамо

Last season sydorchuk played for the Kiev club in just 10 games, because missed almost a year due to severe injuries.

On the eve of the Dynamo made an offer about the transfer of Argentine striker racing Brian Mancilla.

Previously, the Brazilian midfielder Danilo das Neves Pinheiro, better known as che Che, has become a player of Dynamo.

Later it became known that the former Metalist defender Papa Gueye passed the examination in the Kiev club before his transition.

The Bundestag before the 2018 world Cup in Russia bet on football diplomacy

The football team of the Bundestag in Moscow will play a friendly match with colleagues from the state Duma. I hope guests in conversations after the fight to achieve convergence of positions on Ukraine and Syria.”I look forward to meeting with our Russian colleagues”. Such a statement one would expect to hear from the German players like Thomas Muller (Thomas Müller) or Manuel Neuer (Manuel Neuer) on the eve of the world Cup, which opens next week in Russia. But he said it’s not a football player, and Thomas Opperman (Thomas Oppermann), Deputy Chairman of the German Bundestag, which is preparing to take part in an unusual football match.

Social Democrat Opperman is one of 15 deputies of the German Parliament, who went to Moscow in order on Friday evening, June 8, to combine sports and politics. To meet with their colleagues from the State Duma of Russia instead of the usual suit and tie guests from Germany will be wearing football uniforms and cleats, which usually enters the field of the German team at the world Championships.

German professional politicians – football fans

The only difference sports uniforms: t-shirts of players of the national team of Germany on the chest shows four stars, symbolizing the victory of Germany in the world Championships, and the deputies says “FC Bundestag. Founded in 1961”. This team, consisting of politicians from different parties once a week during parliamentary sessions, conducts training and friendly matches with other politicians and Amateur teams.

According to Opperman, German MPs meeting with deputies of the state Duma on the green lawn is necessary in the current political situation. “Russia is not our enemy, assured social Democrat in an interview with DW. – However, we have serious disagreements on certain political issues. And we need to work to overcome them”.

The discussion after the political football

Although after the game is scheduled to speak on political topics, breakthrough nobody expects. “We are not planning to negotiate, and want to exchange views,” said Opperman. According to him, on Saturday German parliamentarians intend to discuss the conflict in the East of Ukraine, in particular the ceasefire and the organization of the UN peacekeeping mission. “We also want to talk about topics such as the Russian cyber attacks in Germany and the financing of right-wing parties in Europe,” said Opperman.

The politician hopes that the holding of this meeting in an informal setting will help improve relations: “Sport in General and football in particular, contribute to the understanding of people.” In this regard, he pointed to the winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang, during which representatives of North and South Korea was able to engage in dialogue and to bring together positions.

According to Opperman, the communication of such a format between Berlin and Moscow is necessary. “Russia needs to solve international problems. In particular, to resolve the Syrian conflict, the safety of Israel’s borders and out Iranian militants,” – said the German politician.

As political issues, the fight on the football field, apparently, has a not easy. “The Duma has a strong team, in which he played a former professional football player,” recalls Opperman. According to him, the command of the German Bundestag a few years ago in Berlin and lost with a double-digit score. Nevertheless, the German social Democrat has promised to “fight to the last.”

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