400ft superyacht complete with a climate controlled garden

Netherlands-based Sinot Yacht Design went about designing a vessel that allows passengers to experience the natural world while sailing on the high seas.

Its ‘Nature’ yacht concept, which has a crew capacity of 50 and a guest capacity of 18, comes complete with a climate controlled garden with bedrooms looking into the leafy area.

For green-fingered billionaires, a nature-inspired 400ft superyacht has been unveiled at Monaco.

Other perks include an impressive spiral staircase in the central area, a spa, a sea-level swimming pool, a sleek roof deck and a lounge boasting floor-to-ceiling windows.

To ensure boredom doesn’t strike, there are also dozens of adrenaline-pumping toys to play with including eight jet skis.

There is no word if anyone has put down enough cash to turn the Nature design into a reality. Scroll down to have a sneak peek at what the finished build is set to look like…

For green-fingered multi-millionaires, a nature-inspired 400ft superyacht has been unveiled at Monaco. Netherlands-based Sinot Yacht Design went about designing a vessel that allows passengers to experience the natural world while sailing on the high seas

From the outside the yacht’s climate-controlled garden is hidden from view and only the outer lounge and deck areas can be seen. Sinot’s ‘Nature’ yacht concept has a crew capacity of 50 and a guest capacity of 18

The yacht’s swimming pool is on the same level as the sea. It includes night lights and an impressive waterfall installation

An aerial shot shows what the boat looks like from above, with multiple sun decks for guests to top up their tans

A beautifully-crafted spiral staircase can be found inside the superyacht, connecting the upper and lower decks

A beige and caramel colour scheme gives the giant superyacht a warm and cosy feel. Mirrored surfaces also make the spaces seem even bigger

The dining area is imagined with two large chandeliers serving as the centrepiece. An eye-catching piece of art also hangs on the wall

There is a state-of-the-art spa on board the Nature yacht with private treatment rooms ready to welcome guests

A dining room leads to a spacious lounge area which is the perfect place to entertain a large party. The lounge has a balcony area, providing views over the ocean beyond

The luxurious boat is imagined with dark wood furniture and contemporary art to give it a homely feel

Guests can relax by the sea-level pool on wooden beds with sweeping views across the ocean

The bedrooms on board the Nature yacht are spacious, with design features including floor-to-ceiling windows and warm lighting

The Millionaires’ Armada: Hundreds of luxury vessels (and even a submarine) descend upon Monaco for one of the most prestigious boat shows in the world

Thousands of the world’s richest people have descended on the port of Monaco as dozens of the world’s most expensive yachts go up for sale at the annual show.

In total 125 craft with a combined value of £3billion will be on show between Wednesday and Friday, as 580 exhibitors show off the wares, hopeful of landing a lucrative purchase.

Last year, out of 109 boats, ship-makers managed to flog just 19 vessels – but with an average value of £20million the show certainly aims for quality over quantity.

Yachts on show this year include the GTT 115, created by Porsche’s design studio spin-off, the Super Yacht Sub 3, which can dive to 300m and stay submerged for 12 hours, along with two helicopters.

Tickets just to attend the event, described as ‘the flagship event in the worldwide yachting calendar’, cost £140 just for a day pass. The show runs for four days, starting on Wednesday and ending on Friday.

The Monaco Yacht Show has got underway in Port Hercules, with 125 of the world’s most luxurious and expensive craft up for sale, with a combined value of £3billion

Superyachts from 38 different countries which took 580 different companies to put together will be on show from Wednesday until Friday, with tickets just to look around costing £140 for the day

The show, which is one of the largest and most prestigious of its kind anywhere in the world, takes place in Port Hercules, one of the few ports in Monaco large and deep enough to accommodate so many boats

The show spans such a large distance, 10 acres in total, that guests are able to ride smaller vessels between the larger exhibits in order to see the whole display in a single day

Last year, out of 109 boats on display, just 19 were sold – but with an average asking price of £20million, the yacht show focuses on quality over quantity

New this year is a ‘water toys’ section for all the ‘must-have’ aquatic gadgets of wealthy yacht owners. This is the Super Yacht Sub 3, which costs £1.6million and is capable of staying submerged for up to 12 hours

One of the yachts on display is the GTT 115, conceived by Porsche’s design-house spin-off, which features three or four cabins below deck, a spa at the front, and dining area at the back

One of the stranger vessels on display is the British-made Glider Sport Limousine 24, designed to take people between their yacht and the shore at speed of up to 60 knots

A smaller boat designed to carry guests around the show weaves between larger craft on display and up for sale at the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show

While the event is focused around yachts, also on display are 15 luxury cars from makers such as Aston Martin and Bentley, along with two helicopters and a range of smaller vessels

On board the yachts are designed to provide nothing but the height of luxury to their new owners. This is the spa pool on board the Scout superyacht

The master bedroom on board the Scout superyacht, which has a starting price of £17million. In total it has six guest cabins and three more to accommodate a crew of 11

As well as this sitting room, the boat features its own gym, office and ‘bark park’ – designed to house any dogs on board

The Scout also comes equipped with a dining room and a separate living quarters for the chef, should the owner hire one

Thousands of people are expected at the show over the coming three days before it is dismantled by the end of the week

One of the two helicopters at the show is displayed on the rear deck of Game Changer, a superyacht that is designed for those who like expensive toys. It also has room to store a miniature submarine on board

Another helicopter on display at the Monaco Yacht show sits on the deck of one of 125 superyachts for sale

While the show includes smaller craft and ‘water toys’ for the first time this year, the focus is still on the larger vessels

Visitors to the annual yacht show in Monaco line up to see some of the world’s most expensive vessels

The yacht show offers not just the chance to see the vessels, but also be seen with them, as this young woman demonstrates

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