U.S. Asks Americans in Russia to ‘Consider’ Leaving Now

The United States on Sunday asked its citizens in Russia to “think about” leaving immediately, as airlines canceled trips as well as nations closed airspace in efforts to tighten up the screws on Moscow for attacking Ukraine.

“A boosting number of airline companies are canceling flights right into as well as out of Russia, and various countries have closed their airspace to Russian airlines,” said the U.S. Embassy in Moscow in a declaration.

It called on its people to “consider departing Russia instantly through business options still available.”

However the U.S. consular office said that Washington was not altering its traveling advisory to Russia.

It implemented a Level 4 “Do Not Travel” advising against Russia in January, as stress over Ukraine grew.

Earlier Sunday the European Union, outraged at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fatal attack on Ukraine, shut its airspace to Russian aircraft.

The procedure combined what was already de facto largely in place, with much of the EU’s 27 member countries having actually individually revealed airspace closures to Russian flights.

Canada and Britain have likewise closed their airspace.

In tit-for-tat punishing measures, Russia has likewise been closing its airspace to different European carriers.

At the same time Russian provider Aeroflot stated on Sunday it was putting on hold all flights to Europe.

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