President says US coronavirus deaths lower than the world despite highest total

Governor Steve Sisolak signed Nevada’s new bill on mail-voting into law on Monday night, making Nevada the seventh state to send ballots to all registered voters for the 3 November election.

That came some hours after Donald Trump complained that it was now “impossible” for Republicans to win in Nevada this November.

“This bill will help prevent Nevadans from experiencing the long lines at polling locations they faced during the Primary election, which will protect their safety, safeguard their right to make their voices heard, and help reduce the spread of COVID-19,” tweeted Mr Sisolak .

Mr Trump – who threatened to sue Nevada over the plans – has previously admitted that “Republicans would never be elected in this country again” if mail-voting took place across the US.

“We will be suing in Nevada. And that’s already been taken care of, we’ll probably file something tomorrow,” said Mr Trump during a White House briefing on Monday night.

President releases attack ad labelling Biden racist as it emerges Donald and Ivanka donated to Kamala Harris

President Trump on Thursday attacked Joe Biden for calling on governors to mandate that all Americans wear masks for the next three months.

Accusing the Democratic presidential candidate of “playing politics” on the pandemic, Mr Trump also claimed that his opponent had been wrong at every turn.

“Ignoring the scientific evidence and putting left-wing politics before facts and evidence,” said Mr Trump, who has maintained that the virus would “disappear” whilst recommending unproven treatments such as disinfectant to treat the virus.

“To Joe, I would say stop playing politics with the virus,” added the president.

Mr Biden, who did not call for an executive order on masks, has called for “a mask mandate nationwide, starting immediately.”

That, according to the Democrat, should be left up to the governors to make mask-wearing mandatory.

It comes after the US president spent months downplaying the threat of the virus and contradicting government guidelines on mask wearing whilst avoiding being seen in public with one until last month.

Trump donated to Harris attorney general campaigns

Donald Trump twice donated to Kamala Harris, the presumptive Democratic vice-presidential nominee, while she was a California attorney general candidate.

According to public records seen by NBC News, the US president donated $6,000 to Harris between 2011 and 2013 when he was a private citizen.

Ivanka Trump, meanwhile, also donated $2,000 to Ms Harris in 2014.

According to a spokesman and the Sacramento Bee, Ms Harris donated president Trump’s donations to a nonprofit that advocates for the rights of Central Americans in 2015.

Those payments emerged as Donald Trump’s campaign attacked Joe Biden’s pick as vice presidential candidate on Tuesday night.

“Clearly, Phony Kamala will abandon her own morals, as well as try to bury her record as a prosecutor, in order to appease the anti-police extremists controlling the Democrat Party,” said the Trump campaign.

An adviser to president Trump, Katrina Pierson, told PBS Newshour’s Yamiche Alcindor that the president had “donated to candidates across all aisles”.

She added that Mr Trump’s previous donation to Ms Harris, as a Black woman, could “squash this racism argument now.”

Still, that did not stop him labelling her as “nasty” during his daily White House briefing.

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