How to open a hookah?

Many popular restaurants or cafes have long been using hookah services, so if you want to offer your own option, then you need to offer more favorable conditions for the owner of the establishment. That is why in this area it is important to study the competitiveness of other hookahs, to identify their shortcomings and turn them into their own achievements.

To date, hookahs are quite common in big cities, which offer people a lot of services in entertainment and recreation. It should be noted that entrepreneurs do not seek to open a separate institution for smoking hookah because of the small amount of demand for this service. Basically, they rent a room in a restaurant or other place of public catering, create a contract with the institution, after which they can actively develop in this direction.

When monitoring the market, it is worth considering not only successful hookahs in the business plan, but also those that do not constitute competition.

Why, you ask. The fact is that, realizing what their mistake is, you can avoid mistakes. An entrepreneur in this area should be an excellent strategist who can calculate his own actions two steps forward.

Before opening an institution you need to think about the set of services that will be provided. The underlying factor is the presence of tobacco in the smoking mixture. It is from this aspect that further actions in terms of design depend, but this issue needs to be discussed in more detail. Often, businessmen open their own restaurant or cafe and supplement it with a hookah room, but this is a more expensive option. Open hookah in the already promoted institution is much more profitable, and more profitable.

To make things go uphill, you need to understand who the service is for. This will help to offer a truly high-quality service, as well as cut costs for non-profitable smoking mixtures.
Usually the target audience is men and women from 18 to 55 years. It is noteworthy that women choose light smoking mixtures without adding tobacco, for example, a fruit hookah. Men prefer hookahs either with the addition of tobacco, or on an alcoholic basis.

Investment size

Hookah is one of the less expensive types of business. So for initial investments it is necessary to carry the following expenses:

  • Equipment for hookah, corresponding components – 50 thousand rubles;
  • Purchase of smoking mixtures – 10 to 30 thousand rubles;
  • Purchase of coal – 5-10 thousand rubles;
  • Repair of the premises, design decoration, furniture (if necessary) – 200 thousand rubles;
  • Registration of documents – 20 thousand rubles.

Thus, starting investments are on average 350 to 500 thousand rubles.

To maintain your own business, you need to consider constant costs. These include:

  • Rental of premises – from 20 to 40 thousand rubles;
  • Replenishment of the warehouse with smoking mixtures and coal – 50 thousand rubles;
  • Salaries of employees – from 60 to 100 thousand rubles;
  • The maintenance of the premises is 5-10 thousand rubles.

In a month, the average amount of hookah will be from 150 to 200 thousand rubles.

Often, to save time and money, beginning entrepreneurs buy a franchise, which is also an excellent option for business.

Step-by-step instruction

Opening the hookah implies the completion of all actions not at once, but in a few fairly simple stages. So a beginner or an experienced entrepreneur will be easier to organize the activities of the institution.


The birthplace of the hookah is east, so if an entrepreneur wants to achieve the most organic atmosphere, he can equip a room in the oriental style. For this interior is typical:

  • A large number of pillows;
  • Pattern;
  • Brightness of paints;
  • Thematic decor elements;
  • Frameless furniture;
  • Muted lighting.

In addition, you can install a good audio system. Visitors will enjoy pleasant music during smoking.

The principal issue in the arrangement is whether the entrepreneur will use tobacco smoking mixtures or not. If yes, then he will have to create an open veranda intended for smoking, since it is illegal to smoke in public places by law.

It is noteworthy that some institutions have found a way to legalize the smoking of tobacco products indoors. They organize closed clubs called «anti-cafe». Visitors must pre-book a place, as well as sign a notice of a warning about the harmfulness of tobacco smoking. Payment is not for smoking tobacco products, but for visiting the institution.

Equipment and mixtures

Quality equipment is the key to the successful operation of the institution. To open a hookah, you need to have special equipment, which includes:

  • Hookahs;
  • Replaceable pipes for hookahs;
  • Interchangeable cups;
  • Hookahs and hoses;
  • Cash machine.
When choosing hookahs, it is better to pay attention to electronic options, since they are officially permitted by Russian law.

Their advantage can be attributed to a lower cost, as well as the possibility of saving on a specialist in cooking hookah (to cope with the management of this hookah can almost everyone after a simple training). Hookah is better to buy foreign, they are easier to operate and their service life is longer.

As for smoking mixtures, this is a separate issue. The first category of division are mixtures with tobacco and without it.

The main types of tobacco mixtures are:

  • Tombak;
  • Dzhurak;
  • Tobamel.

The above-mentioned types of tobacco are basic, usually they are either mixed with each other to enhance flavor, or they add flavoring or food additives. The assortment is quite large and includes various variations of smoking mixtures.
Mixtures without tobacco are of the following varieties:

  • Fruit;
  • Honey;
  • Based on alcohol;
  • Tea.

The standard composition of this mixture is corn cobs, beet pulp, honey, sugar syrup and various flavors. Non-tobacco mixtures are cheaper and safer for organizing hookah.

Supplier search

When choosing suppliers it is better to give preference to foreign firms. It is necessary to conclude an agreement on the supply of goods in order to avoid a situation with a violation of the deadlines. It is necessary to have several additional suppliers as a backup option.

Before entering into a contract, it is necessary to check the availability of a license for the products provided. Try to agree on the first trial lot, based on which you can determine the quality.

Business promotion. Advertising

The huge advantage of this business is that the main advertisement is a public catering institution, in which the hookah is located. Their regular customers are your regular customers.

The main advertising is the taste quality of hookah, so do not save on smoking mixtures and equipment.

Despite this, the entrepreneur still needs to think about bonus programs, promotions or discounts to regular customers. An excellent option for promotion can be social networks, in which news will be posted about the approaching promotions. To reduce advertising costs, you can cooperate with the institution in which your hookah is located.

Recruitment and organization of work

Staff in the hookah should include the following employees:

  • 4 waiter;
  • Administrator at the rep;
  • The cleaner;
  • Accountant;
  • Cashier;
  • Hookah (if hookahs are not electric).

So the activities of the institution should be provided almost around the clock, then there is a need to enter a replacement mode. To serve a small institution, enough two waiters per shift. Their duties will include taking out and helping to refill the hookah. The administrator at the respiration office will help determine the choice, he is obliged to know the basic characteristics of the product and be able to advise the customers the optimal smoking mixture. In order to control the process, you must independently understand the intricacies of the case. Try to create a convenient schedule for employees, as well as include additional bonuses for distinguished employees.

A place

As mentioned before, the best option is to rent a room in a restaurant, cafe or other place of catering. It is desirable that it had high traffic and was known. In this situation, their visitors will become yours too. Another question is that it is quite difficult to agree with the owners, it is necessary to offer them favorable conditions for cooperation.
As for the premises, it must necessarily have:

  • Smoke removal system;
  • Powerful hood;
  • Fire alarm;
  • Ventilation system;
  • Separate room for disinfection of used smoking devices;
  • Warehouse for storing smoking mixtures.

The area should occupy not less than 100 square meters. Must be a bathroom. As for design and zoning, it’s up to the taste and capabilities of the entrepreneur. The main thing that in an institution was pleasant to be.


One of the most important parts of creating a hookah is its design. So hookah is a room for smoking, then its design can take a decent amount of time.

In 2014, our country officially issued a law that prohibits the smoking of tobacco and products from it in public places. According to the legislative act, the premise for smoking should not be located inside the building or be an extension to it. Penalty for violation of 70 to 100 thousand rubles.

There are several fairly common ways to open a hookah with the use of tobacco products, without violating the law:

  1. Arrangement of an open veranda for smoking. This option is suitable only for the warm regions of Russia, otherwise the institution will close in the cold season.
  2. Removal of hookah at home to the client. A person orders a hookah by phone and is brought to him at the right time. This service can be additional to the main activity. The cost will be more expensive because of delivery.

If an entrepreneur does not want problems with the law, then it is better to buy nonstar mixtures.
Decide on the form of business registration. There are two options: IP and LLC. If the institution means the sale of alcohol or tobacco products, or its use, it is necessary to register a limited liability company.

Before the opening of the institution will require documents from the SES and fire inspection.
Taxation is six percent on a simplified system, which is most typical for this type of activity.

The codes of the activity type are the following values ​​for OKVED, one of them must be indicated at registration:

  • 93.05. Provision of individual services;
  • 74.84. Provision of other services.

An indispensable condition for the room is the presence of good ventilation or exhaust, as well as connected fire alarm.

Check-list of opening

  • Market analysis;
  • Evaluation of competitors (service monitoring, average cost, location of their points)
  • Orientation to the prevailing category of goods;
  • Search for a room in a particular institution;
  • Evaluation of the rental location, selection of the most appropriate proposal;
  • Conclusion of a lease agreement;
  • Registration of an individual business or an Organization with limited liability;
  • Accounting in the inspection of taxes;
  • Loan processing (if necessary);
  • Search for suppliers for cooperation;
  • Negotiations with suppliers;
  • Drawing up of the design project of the room;
  • Works connected with repair;
  • Development of an advertising discovery campaign;
  • Purchase of equipment;
  • Creation of a bonus system, discounts and other marketing activities;
  • Staff search;
  • Conducting interviews, concluding employment contracts;
  • Drawing up a replacement schedule;
  • Opening a room for customers.

Is it profitable to open

Pricing policy is built at the expense of the level of the institution. There are three classes in total: economy, middle and elite. Requirements for the organization are designed for a certain class of people.

The main difference is not only in price, but also in the quality of the products offered.

  • The average check for an economy class is about 500 to 1000 rubles per person.
  • The average check for the middle class starts from 1000 rubles to 2000.
  • The average check for the elite class starts from 1500 thousand rubles.

The highest payback in institutions designed for the middle class. On the day they can earn from 10 to 40 thousand rubles, depending on the number of visitors. In a month the profit makes from 250 up to 500 thousand rubles. As a result, the institution pays for itself in 3-4 months under ideal conditions.

To increase profits, you can open a mini-bar, coffee shop or tea. Often, in order to increase the number of customers, these establishments organize theme parties, inviting belly dancers or oriental musicians.

One of the options is the opening of karaoke in one of the halls, which will be equipped with a soundproofing system.

Seasonality of business is noted only in the case of the use of tobacco smoking mixtures, because there is a need for services on the veranda, which is impossible in the cold season. To minimize costs and maintain the institution, you can arrange an action, or create a hookah with home delivery.

If an entrepreneur does not want to experience difficulties related to legislative processes, it is better to create a hookah without using tobacco in smoking blends and purchase electronic hookahs. Then the institution will not be afraid of any checks.

We hope that the article was useful for reading, and now you know how to open a hookah.

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