Two sisters went to work at the hospital in the footsteps of the veteran’s

A day in the intensive care unit of the hospital – the calming silence that is rarely broken, only the soft clatter of the gurney and steps of hurrying doctors and nurses. Despite the illusion of peace and light of the hallway clock is working – doctors save lives of pregnant women and mothers with different pathologies.

Definitely agree with the sisters, 38-year-old Maria and 45-year-old Olga for an interview is not obtained before the beginning of the conversation, they go to emergency surgery. Back at the office, sister ashamed of the questions NHS: public revelation for them unusual. But to talk about his beloved grandmother Taisia Rudometkin, of course, agree.

Olga (left) came to work at the hospital in 1990, and Maria followed his sister came here in 2000

“My grandmother started nursing dynasty. She was born March 20, 1918, and that twenty years must have worked as a nurse, worked in the 333-m hospital Military.

The exact date we do not know, but in may before the war she married in 1941. A month after the beginning of the war, received a death notice for her husband.

In 1945, after the second injured grandfather (he’s in the army) came to this hospital, 333, – at the end of the war. And grandmother, working as a senior operating sister, she had given him assistance and medical And non-medical…, probably, too” – smiling, together, tell Maria and Olga.

Inspired by their grandmother, who worked as a nurse during the great Patriotic war

Remember the years of the war, neither my grandmother or grandfather did not want to – they just told her granddaughters that “all fought – and I fought; everything worked – and I worked”.

Grandpa Victor Rudometkin was wounded in the war and got to the hospital, where he worked as Taisa. He fell in love with the charming nurse

After the war, Taisa Rudometkin worked in the same hospital, and then moved to the children’s clinic – medicine she gave half a century of his life before he retired. Grandpa worked as an electrician at the plant. The lovers, was born the only daughter, which, however, nurses did not go – prefer medicine to music.

According to the sisters, in their Department are not sick, and happy women before or after birth

Grandmother’s case was transferred in a generation – the first in medical school went by her eldest granddaughter, Olga. Immediately after graduating from College in 1990, she was accepted to the Department of anesthesiology and intensive care of the hospital and the 25th medical unit (now the city hospital № 25) in the Kalinin district of Novosibirsk. Olga left the hospital for a few years, but then returned. Maria came after sister in 2000 at the same Department.

“I was here big sister, and then Mary gave birth to a daughter – she needed a work day. And I’m tired of being in a managerial position, my children have grown up, nights do not have to be there.

So we swapped positions – now Mary leads us. So my little sister is my supervisor – you have to obey sometimes” – said Olga Urumova.

Maria in the office older sister, so she has to obey her

Schedule nurses more than irregular.

“That is, on Monday came to work – went on Tuesday evening, on Thursday out on Friday.

Mom’s stories, the doctor is never without her grandmother did not operate – sometimes, a woman and a night left. Now Maria goes to help. To come, even at night, it takes 12 minutes – it is already in operating costs”, – clearly explains Olga.

In the hospital she was born not only Mary, but also the children of sisters, and the grandson of Olga. On the question of what keeps them in this Department, not very easy, they first joke: “My Masha is holding!” – “And me, Olga!”, – and say that just like set shots.

Nurses can quickly arrive at an emergency operation even at night from home

“Where are we going – movers or cleaners? In the dishwasher is still possible. To the office? Pushing papers… Boring. By the end of the working day you’ll go crazy. We have the same staff very friendly – we’ve worked together. We have no turnover. We know each other, the children know each other <…> And we are all fat because you don’t eat properly – fractional small portions. Eat when there is time. At four in the morning, for example, potatoes roasted to eat. And what to do,” I say sisters.

The sisters admit that they have the most difficult – is to endlessly run up the stairs of the hospital

They emphasize that in their Department are not patients (excluding women with gynecological problems) and a happy patient – laboring women. Of course, they also often experience: for some, pregnancy and childbirth are very difficult.

“We all remember heavy name. How can they be removed? I’ll come in the evening after the day, pick up a colleague: “How’s Anya?” – “Nothing is normal, the test results are good”. – “Well, thank God!”. And how differently, say, impossible?” – appeals to his sister Olga.

Maria nods in response to the rhetorical question.

Patients spend in the office not much time, like after surgery, but many women nurses remember the names

“We are not sick, but they are too hard. Although hard to feel sorry for women too. Because we have a job to do. And we don’t always do nice. Sometimes more hurt – but out of necessity. Some need a tougher to gather people. And someone, on the contrary, it is necessary to smile, to say kindly: “Patience”.

Someone “patience” and a sense of pity stopping – man begins to get hysterical. Know helps not pity, but compassion.

Patients should be treated as if on an operating table or in the Department are your relatives” – according to the nurses.

According to Maria, her 13-year-old daughter is already preparing to become a nurse. Olga is happy that his sons decided to connect his life with medicine.

“The son was preparing to enter medical school. But we still persuaded that he was not a doctor. Although still similar the direction of pharmaceutical chemistry. Thank God, not the doctor,” half-jokingly says Olga.

Patients and colleagues know that nurses are sisters, they are similar not only in appearance but also in communication

…Taisii Alekseevny has long been dead – she was unable to live long without her husband Victor Rudometkin. He died in 1992, the grandmother survived him by five years.

“She’s really the best, the best was. As I will go on a cemetery – the tears of hail. We got” – remember sisters.

Grandparents and then parents raised them very friendly, explains Maria: “the Truth is we have a very close relationship. Parents we are well educated – I am Olga, Olga – I have. So we bring up and their children. Daughters say, “you Have two brothers. You are not alone””.

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