Giant strange hole discovered in Antarctica

A strange ice hole was discovered in Antarctica. Currently, scientists are looking into the circumstances and the reason for its appearance.

A giant mysterious hole was discovered in Antarctica, which is comparable in size to Lake Superior in North America, Motherboard reports. The find was made by scientists from the University of Toronto in Canada.

Investigating the hole, Professor Kent Moore notes that it looks like “someone hit the ice with their fist.”

According to scientists, usually polynyas are formed relatively close to the boundaries of the ice and sea. But in this case we are talking about hundreds of kilometers separating the wormwood from the dividing line. Thus, the nature of its appearance is a difficult enigma for researchers.

It arose on September 9 this year in the Weddell Sea area. It is known that a polynya appeared in approximately the same place in the 70s of the last century. However, then there was no opportunity to study it with the help of a satellite, thus, the reason for its appearance remained unexplored.

Photo: MODIS-Aqua via NASA Worldview

Earlier, the Correspondent reported that another giant iceberg broke away in Antarctica.

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