Fraudsters offered a journalist a part-time job at Amazon for 20-25 thousand a month

The phone scammers offered the NGS journalist to work for Amazon. The NGS journalist realized that phone scammers were calling him and recorded the conversation on a dictaphone so that you do not fall for their bait

Telephone scammers are constantly calling Novosibirsk residents. And they are not always the “security officers” of some popular bank. Thus, Ilya Kalinin , a correspondent of the NGS, received a call from an unknown number and introduced himself as employees of the American online trading platform Amazon. The journalist responded by introducing himself as a simpleton in order to understand what scheme the scammers would use.

The first caller called the correspondent by name and explained that due to the expansion of the company, new employees are being recruited for remote work. Allegedly, it is required to assign ratings to goods, sellers, write comments on the site, etc. Tasks, the caller explained, will be selected individually.

– Payment is made upon completion of tasks, the total amount per month is about 20-25 thousand rubles. In principle, could such numbers interest you, Ilya? – the caller did not stop convincing the NGS correspondent.

After obtaining prior consent, the fraudster ended the conversation. Before that, he explained that a senior specialist will now call, who will present instructions and answer all questions.

The second caller introduced himself as Ivan, an expert in escorting and training partners on the Internet. He began to explain the direction of the work. The fraudster also explained that it is necessary to open an individual bank account, which will be linked to the Internet platform and to which the earned money will be transferred. And in order for a person to work remotely, he must download and run the free AnyDesk program on his computer, laptop or tablet.

AnyDesk is a legal remote desktop application. The program provides platform-independent, remote, quick access to personal computers and other devices running the main application. This program is usually installed by computer wizards on client PCs to solve minor problems so as not to travel to the physical location of the computer. AnyDesk application was released in 2015.

During the discussion of AnyDesk, the NGS correspondent briefly reviewed the fraudulent schemes with this application on the Internet and revealed himself to the caller. The man on the other end of the phone tried to convince for some time that everything was fair, but in the end he turned to rudeness, swore and hung up. The conversation lasted about eight minutes.

The most popular cheating schemes through AnyDesk

On the Internet, you can find several schemes by which you can be deceived after installing the AnyDesk application on your electronic device.

  1. Fraudsters, under various pretexts, gain access to your online bank, and then using the installed application, they enter your electronic device and withdraw money from your account or even issue loans for you.
  2. There are fraudulent brokers who can profitably open unprofitable trades from your computer.
  3. After you have already committed a deception, you may receive a call from an alleged lawyer, an employee of a financial company, a hacker or some other benefactor who will tell you about the money you have found. He will ask you to connect to your computer and go to the online bank to return the stolen money to you. And the deception will happen a second time.

How many have already been stolen from Novosibirsk

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for NSO reported that such frauds have already been recorded on the territory of the Novosibirsk region.

– In 2021, four crimes committed using this program were registered. The amount of stolen funds varies from 5,000 to 100,000 rubles. Currently, according to these facts, the investigating authorities are conducting a preliminary investigation, as well as operational-search measures to identify the persons who committed these illegal acts, ” said Sergei Shchekotin, head of the information and public relations department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for NSO.

How to avoid being cheated

To protect yourself from phone fraud, the police recommend that you do not comply with such requests to install any programs and applications. If, on the recommendation of an employee of a “financial institution”, you have installed such an application, then be sure to uninstall it. The police also report that “for any suspicious calls from alleged bank employees, you must hang up, manually dial the bank’s hotline and report the incident.” The phone number to call is indicated on the back of your bank card.

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