Vivid facts from the biography of the magician Vlad Kadoni, who grew up in Novosibirsk

In the last episode of the series about the stars who were born and raised in Novosibirsk, we talked about Nikolai Baskov. This time let’s talk about a rather scandalous and controversial person – Viktor Golunov, who is better known as Vlad Kadoni.

A black magician, psychic, and now also a showman was born and raised on the outskirts of the city. Life in Novosibirsk was not sweet for a boy who clearly stood out among the crowd – at school Vlad was a black sheep and was attacked by classmates.

We have collected the most striking facts from the biography of Vlad Kadoni before he became famous.

School years and life in Novosibirsk

Vlad Kadoni was born on August 28, 1986. His mother, Elena Golunova, is known for her psychic abilities. In an interview with reporters, the woman repeatedly said that she was able to transfer the gift of their family through the male line. Its happy owner was her eldest son, who “before the awakening of his abilities” was unsociable, and after the first practices, he completely moved away from his peers.

Victor Golunov – the real name of Vlad Kadoni – studied at the 105th school in the Fifth microdistrict. It is known that Vlad Kadoni had a difficult time at school, especially as a teenager. He was on his own, kept aloof from classmates who teased him.

Andrei Stepanov, a student of school number 105, also says that Golunov was not at all popular:

– At school he was often beaten and kicked. I remember when he was already at the “House-2” and came to our school, the students caught him smoking and started filming, but they can’t. He immediately threw down his cigarette and began to ask him not to take it off.

Look at the childhood photos of Vlad Kadoni – in the first frame he is depicted with his teacher from 1st to 3rd grade, then archive footage (click on the arrow next to the photo) Vlad from the graduation album of the 9th and 11th grades.

– 3rd grade and first teacher. 9th and 11th grades … God, how did such an arrogant creature grow out of such a nice child ?! Since September 1, friends! You can love school, you can hate it, but in any case, you will remember later. And in any case, it will not be the worst thing in life, ”Kadoni wrote on his page on social networks under this post.

It is known about Vlad’s father that he passed away early, and the boy did not have time to communicate with him. After the death of her first husband, Elena remarried and gave birth to two more sons – Dmitry and Lev. Since childhood, Vlad did not like his real name and came up with pseudonyms. Having reached adulthood, he officially changed his name to Vladislav and took the surname Kadoni, which translates as a warlock from ancient languages.

Interest in esotericism awakened in the future magician at about 11 years old, his mother encouraged this zeal. At the age of 17, Vlad first began to practice, and by the age of 20 he achieved his first results.

As a child, Vlad Kadoni wanted to connect his life with God and become a clergyman, but disillusioned with the church, he began to practice black magic. It is known that in Novosibirsk Vlad entered the university at the Faculty of Sociology, but was expelled due to disagreements with teachers. After graduation, he worked as a waiter in a cafe, and later in a company selling plastic windows. Despite the failure with the first place of study after school, Vlad Kadoni still graduated from the university, becoming a certified psychologist.

Participation in the show “Battle of Psychics”

In 2008, Vlad Kadoni decided to try his luck in Moscow and left his hometown. In the capital, he continued to practice magic – he provided services for a love spell, attracting money, removed damage and a celibacy crown. Later, the Siberian decided to take part in the TV show “The Battle of Psychics”.

For the first time on television, we saw Vlad Kadoni as a participant in the 6th season of the show, where neither viewers nor other participants took him seriously because of his youth and appearance. At that time, Vlad Kadoni was too thin – with a height of 171 cm, he weighed only 68 kg and looked painful.

For shocking, or still to draw energy in his sessions, Vlad used candles and skulls, and for the image he smoked a cigarette using a long mouthpiece. Despite the criticism, Vlad still entered the top five finalists on the show and left the project without becoming a winner. After a while, Vlad Kadoni made another attempt to participate in the show, becoming a participant in the 11th season, where he was no longer in the top five, but in the top three.

TV show House 2″

In February 2009, Vlad Kadoni suddenly finds himself in the epicenter of the reality show “Dom-2”, which attracts even more attention to his person and becomes a rather popular and discussed participant in the project. On the site, Vlad tried to build relationships with two participants – Nelly Ermolaeva and Inna Volovicheva, but did not succeed with either one or the other. Viewers of “House-2” will remember him for his extravagant antics and harsh comments about the new members.

In the episodes of the show, viewers watched Kadoni endlessly scandal and bully other participants, collecting dirt on them. In 2011, Kadoni left the set. In 2015, Vlad returned to the clearing of “House-2”, trying on a new role of the host. For project participants, he arranges seminars and personal receptions.

Personal life

The personal life of Vlad Kadoni is a tangled ball with black threads. Rumors were full of, some gossips doubted his orientation, others assured that he had a wife and children long ago. On the set of “House-2”, where Vlad was the presenter, he was constantly credited with novels with various participants. Tired of the rumors, Kadoni said right on the air that his heart was busy, and later he showed his companion – Anna Devitskaya, who was the producer of the show “The Battle of Psychics”, where they met. It is known that the organizers of the show were afraid of information leakage and put an ultimatum in front of Anna – either a job or a relationship. Anna wrote a letter of resignation, and the couple met for several years.

In May 2019, in the release of the show “Borodina against Buzova”, Kadoni spoke about his separation from Anna Devitskaya, and the reason for the separation was that Anna did not like the life of her lover on the site of the Dom-2 project. The fans’ version was different – Anna wanted to get married and children, which did not attract Vlad at all.

After parting with Anna, many attributed to Vlad a relationship with singer Olga Orlova, who often flashed next to him at various events and appeared on Kadoni’s social networks in joint photos. Later, rumors appeared about Orlova’s pregnancy, and Kadoni was attributed the paternity. Vlad and Olga fueled the interest of fans by playing a couple in love, but later denied rumors of their love, stating that they were just friends.

In February 2020, Kadoni said that he had a relationship with a participant in the Dom-2 project, Ksenia Shapoval – he drew attention to the girl on the frontal spot and from the first day began to show sympathy for her, and when he felt that it was mutual, he took Ksenia beyond the perimeter of the project. In March, the couple announced their separation – the relationship turned out to be quite short-term. The version of the gap is as follows: Vlad wanted to have a family and have children, and the girl wanted romance, nothing more. The black magician did not endure the breakup for a long time and literally a couple of days later in social networks he stated that he already had a person to whom he had sympathy – she had nothing to do with the shows and television projects in which Vlad participated.

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