Theater Award Winner Gives Prize to Jailed Art Activist

Russian artist Ksenia Sorokina, that won the distinguished cinema award Zolotaya Maska (Golden Mask) for finest outfit style, given away her reward to Sasha Skochilenko. Skochilenko, a musician and also a political lobbyist, was imprisoned this month for an anti-war action.

Sorokina’s friend as well as fellow Zolotaya Maska laureate, theater director Yevgeniya Berkovich, shared Ksenia’s words on Facebook. «It is shameful to rejoice while various other artists are in jail,» Berkovich priced quote Ksenia.

Sasha Skochilenko was apprehended this month for exchanging cost with anti-war sticker labels in a St. Petersburg grocery store. Skochilenko now confronts 10 years behind bars for «sharing false information regarding the special army procedure in Ukraine.»

The artist has gastric disease, that makes it dangerous for her to consume the food she is served in the momentary detainment center.

The Telegram channel Free Sasha Skochilenko reported that she had a seizure after a meal.

Ksenia Sorokina told The Moscow Times that she was deeply worried regarding the magnified federal government stress on artists.

«When a musician gets imprisoned for an art activity, I simply can’t disregard it,» Sorokina claimed. «I do wish that my support will assist Sasha Skochilenko, and also I am sure that her household will take the very best care of the prize.»

If founded guilty,

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