The court sent to jail a blogger whose girlfriend died during a YouTube stream

On the night of December 2, 2020, 30-year-old blogger Stanislav Reshetnyak, known under the pseudonym Reeflay, was streaming on his YouTube channel from a rented house in the Ramenskoye urban district. At this time, Valentina Grigorieva, a 27-year-old native of Krasnodar, was with him.

The blogger’s girlfriend died at his house during the stream

Stanislav and Valentina drank and at some point had a falling out. Then the blogger began to beat the girl with his hands on the head and body.

– In the process of beating, the girl grabbed the wires of computer equipment and dropped the equipment, interrupting the live broadcast. Reshetnyak did not like this, and he, having once again beaten his girlfriend, threw her out of the house into an unheated boiler room. Left alone, Stanislav picked up the fallen equipment and turned on the live broadcast again, informing the viewers about the girl’s unworthy behavior, – the press service of the prosecutor’s office gives details of the incident.

Reeflay let his girlfriend back in only after subscribers began to ask him about it. The girl was already unconscious, the blogger dragged her to the couch, began to sob and ask the audience to call an ambulance. However, when the doctors arrived, it turned out that Valentina was already dead.

The victim died before the arrival of doctors from compression of the brain by a hematoma resulting from a closed craniocerebral injury caused to her, the prosecutor’s office of the Moscow region reports. As a result, subscribers watched the girl’s corpse live for about two hours.

On April 27, the Ramenskiy City Court issued a verdict: Reshetnyak was found guilty under Part 4 of Article 111 (“Intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm, dangerous to a person’s life, resulting in the death of a person by negligence)” of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. He was sent to a strict regime colony for 6 years.

After the incident, the Federation Council proposed to ban trash streams, writes “Fontanka”. Irina Rukavishnikova, the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation, is sure that streaming on the Web should be made an aggravating circumstance when imposing punishment for crimes.

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