Leading US bankers offer development assistance to the Russian Federation

During the IMF session, leading US bankers offer Russia assistance in development, said on Friday the head of VTB, the second largest Russian bank by assets, Andrei Kostin.

An autumn meeting of the IMF is being held in Washington from October 10-15, with the participation of the heads of world financial departments and central banks. The meeting is attended, among other things, by the head of VTB Kostin.

“I met with a number of leading bankers of the United States, we had, have and, I hope, will have very good relations. They ask how we can help, how we can contribute to development,” Kostin said on the air of the Russia 24 TV channel.

He added that the business atmosphere between the countries and the attitude towards the Russian Federation are “normal”.

At the same time, earlier in Washington, in an interview with CNN, the banker said that political relations between the Russian Federation and the United States are at a low level. “Our relations with the United States are at a very low level, which makes it difficult to coordinate policy, for example , on Iran.

The problem is not the relationship between (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and (US President Donald) Trump, the problem is Trump’s relationship with the US political elite and Congress,” – emphasized Kostin.

Trump signed a law in early August that would expand a number of sectoral sanctions against the Russian economy. In particular, it reduces the maximum period of financing for Russian banks under US sanctions to 14 days, for oil and gas companies to 60 days (now it is 30 days and 90 days, respectively).

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