A cafe has opened in Novosibirsk, where only breakfasts are prepared at any time

A breakfast cafe has opened on Chaplygin Street in Novosibirsk. The first thing visitors see is the fireplace. The founders and co-owners of the coffeehouse chain «Academy of Coffee» opened a breakfast cafe » Mama Doma» in the Novosibirsk residential complex «Milk House «.

The project is planned to be made networked, like the «Academy».

“Mama Doma” has occupied a premise on the first floor in a residential complex on Chaplygin Street. Prior to that, a vague-format Del Mar establishment worked here.

The interior of «Mama Dom» is made deliberately home-like: the first thing a visitor sees is a fireplace with armchairs standing by him. The fireplace is electric, but with the function of simulating the burning of coals. There are two large tables in the hall — elongated and round, standing by the window. Almost all other tables are designed for two. In the back of the hall there is an open kitchen, the cooks put ready-made dishes on the counter, from where they are carried around the hall by the waiters.

Nearby, there is a large retro-designed refrigerator that serves as a kind of showcase for desserts. At the same time, the sweet dishes themselves are not displayed in portions, but in small basins, as it happens at home. You can choose a dessert by eye, then simply transfer the required amount to a plate.

On the menu, there are mainly items that are associated with breakfast or just a light snack (porridge, cheese cakes, bruschetta, egg dishes), which complement universal dishes like bowls (a deep cup, where, as a rule, different products are collected, is at the same time a salad, and the main dish with a side dish). Most of the positions are distinguished by rather intricate combinations of ingredients: quinoa and bulgur with baked pumpkin, pumpkin steak with parmesan sauce, cheese cakes with bisque sauce and shrimps, etc.

Prices start at 210 rubles (homemade cottage cheese with black currant and sour cream), any bowl will cost 495 rubles, the most expensive dish costs 590 rubles (this is bruschetta with crab and avocado).

As the project manager Olga Rukavishnikova explained, the establishment does not have and does not plan to serve any alcohol — this is part of the concept.

“Mama Doma” is a place where you can come for breakfast at any time — from 07:30 until late in the evening, — says Olga.

According to Rukavishnikova, the concept of «Mom at Home» is planned to be networked, as well as the «Coffee Academy».

Academy of Coffee is one of the largest regional chains of specialized coffee houses (that is, establishments where coffee is the main item, and not just one of the drinks). Seven establishments are currently operating in Novosibirsk, and four more are open in Krasnoyarsk.

The concept of «breakfast all day» was invented relatively recently and is developing mainly in the world megalopolises, where the working day can begin almost at any time. In Novosibirsk, the breakfast menu is usually valid until 11-12 hours. The first city establishment, where breakfasts can be ordered practically all day long, was a coffee shop in the Pobeda cinema (now called Morningechera).

In the last couple of years, Chaplygin Street has turned into one of the new restaurant zones in the quiet center. Le Pin wine bar, Cardamom coffee shop, Mojo Lounge bar are already operating here. And last year, the Korobok restaurant opened in a house built at the beginning of the 20th century, which was included in the list of the brightest discoveries of 2020 according to the NGS.

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