In Krasnoobsk, a resident of Novosibirsk on a Land Cruiser rammed a truck

Under the heading “Where are you driving?” – the classic situation with one driver overtaking and another turning driver. The first crashes into the second – who is to blame, who started the maneuver earlier, who ignored the instructions of the signs?

All these subtleties must be understood in each specific case. Let’s study the example of a collision of a Land Cruiser with a truck in Krasnoobsk.

Settlement Krasnoobsk, two-lane Centralnaya street, near the gas station “Quadro” (Central, 1). A car with a video recorder drives towards Sovetskoye Highway, and a Land Cruiser off-road vehicle swiftly sets out to overtake in the oncoming lane. He leads the car with the recorder, then another car. Suddenly, a truck appears in front of the SUV, turning left to a gas station. There is a collision – watch the video.

Further on, you can see road signs in the video – there is a sign 4.1.1 “Straight ahead” before the turn. That is, the truck driver clearly violated the rules by turning in a prohibited place. In addition, he began his maneuver at a time when the “Cruiser” was already in a state of overtaking.

Clause 11.3 of the SDA. The driver of the overtaken vehicle is prohibited from preventing overtaking by increasing the speed or by other actions.

But the driver of an SUV, performing a swift overtaking of three cars at once in the city, might think and assume that such a maneuver could be potentially dangerous. Although formally he did not violate anything – there is no double solid on the road, in the summer there are intermittent markings.

– There is a violation of the traffic rules from the side of the truck, since there is a sign “only straight ahead”. In any case, the driver of the Cruiser, when overtaking, he needs to assume that he will not create any obstacle, – comments the head of the service of emergency commissioners “Alliance” Oksana Kositskaya.

In general, going out to overtake in urban conditions on narrow streets with many turns to the left, you should be extremely careful – there will definitely be someone who suddenly and abruptly needs to turn left into some courtyard, to a store or to a gas station.

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