Participants in the night fight wrote statements against each other

In Novosibirsk, participants in a night fight wrote statements against each other

Both men will undergo a forensic medical examination

A scuffle took place in Novosibirsk tonight on Belovezhskaya Street. A group of young people had a fight with passers-by. At the same time, the versions of the parties to the conflict diverge. The wife of one of the victims claims that her husband stood up for her when young people began to let go of greasy jokes in her direction. And the main participant in the scuffle, Pavel, claims that they fought with him one on one and the man was the first to insult them with his friends. The NGS correspondent listened to both sides.

“My husband stood up for me because of insults”

The brawl was filmed by the victim’s wife, who called the police to the scene of the fight. The woman, she said, returned home with her husband around midnight.

– We have a private sector nearby, and we walked home from the dacha. They were already approaching the house, and blue Zhigulis were driving at the corner of the house. The windows opened when we passed by, young people began to shout offensive phrases in my direction, – said the woman. – They said: “Here you are, you picked up a peasant and you are taking yourself home.”

According to her, the youth released greasy jokes and offensive phrases.

– My husband began to intercede for me. A skirmish began. There were three young guys. They are 18 years old, but not more than 20. All three got out of the car, knocked down their husband and began to beat him. After that, two more cars drove up. I filmed everything. They didn’t touch me, ”the woman adds. – They said: “Why are you here at night, you drunk creatures.” The instigator was Paul.

She called the police, but the fight ended before the crew arrived. The woman went with her husband to the trauma and forensic examination.

– My husband has two wounds on his face – cuts that were sewn up. And plus the last blow, when he passed out, he hit his head very hard, – the woman added.

“I don’t need a condition”

Pavel, who was called the instigator of the fight by the victims who called the police, has a completely different version of what happened.

– This video is the very ending, when my friends drove up in cars and they took me away. And no one beat this man in a crowd. We had a mutual fight with him. We three guys were standing in the parking lot, a drunk man ran up to me personally and hit me on the leg. Until that moment, I had asked him to calm down. I answered, as I was not going to stand and endure it. At this time, my friends were sitting in the car, – Pavel told the NGS correspondent.

He added that the man’s wife scratched his face, but he did not even touch her with a finger (the woman confirms that no one beat her. – Ed.)

– I repeatedly asked the woman not to hold me, but it continued anyway. I twisted, and the man walked towards me, raising his hands and clenching them into fists. When I stumbled, the man ran into me, and I managed to throw him into the snow, besides, I did not hit him and dodged the woman’s hands. Their words were: “Kick in the face, and then there are no cameras,” added Pavel.

He also wrote a statement to the police and went for a forensic examination to film the beatings.

“I don’t want people to have a bad opinion of me or my company on the Internet, because many people know me. I don’t need a condition either. Since they published the video, I also wrote a statement, – said the young man.

What the police say

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Novosibirsk Region confirmed that they had received two statements about the fight.

– At 03:09 a statement about a fight was received. At 03:30 the crew arrived at the scene, but already missed the casualties. We contacted them. They were in the hospital. At the moment, the staff contacted the victim’s wife. They will interview her and her husband. Now a check is being carried out, – said the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Novosibirsk region.

According to Pavel’s statement, a check is also being carried out.

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